Sunday, 20 February 2011

we jammin'

For the past few years my Dad has gone away in the New Year somewhere really far away to do volunteer work (and to see the world!) The first year he went cycling around Cambodia and Thailand, last year we went to help with a school in India and this year he went to build in Ghana in Africa. 

It's so great that he gets to do all of this travelling, and I admire that he goes to the more run down places to actually do something of worth - I have never travelled other than to go on sun soaked holidays. But he also brings back some great things for my wardrobe - which makes it a bit more worldly! Last year he got me a beautiful sari from India and some bangles. And this year he brought me back some trousers and hand painted jewellery that he bought from the Rastafarians he met on the beach, they played some great reggae apparently. It sounds amazing. I'm really looking forward to wearing these in the summer with a head scarf and sandals - they are SO comfy and breezy, love them. I always enjoy clothes that are out of the ordinary - they're very simple but I like that they came from so far away, makes it that bit more interesting.

(On another note - the glitter skull on my window sill - Froucy and I bought these for about 50p in lots of different colours last year. I have a black one too. Tip - Tescos at Halloween!)

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