Thursday, 31 March 2011

Fly on Little Wing...

A little update on the feather venture... it's nearly there and I'm aiming to put the store live this weekend, rather exciting! Here's a little sneak peek at LITTLE WING :). Keep an eye out on the website,, under maintenance right now but it will come alive very soon...

Monday, 28 March 2011

Mama Part II

Saturday, 26 March 2011

denim and polka

polka dot dress worn as top - Vintage from Unicorn in Oxford; denim shorts - H&M; gold snakey shoes - vintage from Froucy's Sue Ryder sale; hair feathers by.... watch this space!

Too school for school

Ok, so I’ve probably grown to be a bit of an opinionated twit over the last couple of years – but there are some things that really get my back up and then if something triggers it I can’t help but express my annoyance. And obviously I’m not saying anything I think is ‘correct’ or implying if people think otherwise then they are ‘wrong’, we all have our own opinions, this is just mine.

So, the whole issue of ‘trends’ and being ‘cool’. I have grown to hate 'trends'. And coming from someone who works in fashion that is probably a sin. Who cares. I LOVE clothes. Clothes are a hobby of mine, I think about them all the time, I am inspired by them. And to many people this would make me sound like a vacuous loser I’m sure. But I have grown to kinda hate ‘fashunnn’.

At work this week, while looking over a look book I pointed out an outfit that I really wasn’t keen on. It reminded me of what the little girls were wearing when I was at primary school, a mash up of dress/skirt and trousers with odd proportions. Co worker goes on to say something along the lines of how ordinary people wouldn’t ‘understand’ that that was ‘cool’. They’re doing that on the catwalks now you know?

My immediate response was ‘Right, and why does that make it cool?’ Just because it is on the catwalks why does that define it as being cool? And who decides that that is cool? And why on earth do ‘ordinary’ people need to ‘understand’ it? If you like it you like it, if you don’t you don’t. So because something is on the catwalk that means that it is ‘cool’ and so you should wear it? And surely changing your style season by season to fit in with the trends isn't real 'style'? What bullshit. I didn’t really get a response...

Now as a lover of all things 70s I probably look like a sheep now when I’m wearing my flared jeans and fringed bag etc because of the massive hippy 70s revival. But that’s always going to happen, nobody dresses really originally, in fact I am completely unoriginal when it comes down to it because loads of people are into the stuff I am. But I will always love that stuff, I won’t be throwing my 70s gear away when it is no longer fashionable and I was into it before it was 'cool', as were many of my friends.

As people who live and breathe fashion, shouldn’t people in ‘fashion’ embrace their own passion for clothes without slavishly following trends that dictate what we should be wearing? Colour blocking for example, this is one of my pet hates right now. It’s in every magazine – how to wear this, what colours to wear, how to wear that. As it would be of course, they’re fashion magazines. Of course I’m not saying that colour blocking is horrible or that all people who choose to wear it are sheep – so anyone who loves this of course I am not meaning to slag you off. But within the last month or so all I see are people wearing acid bright jeans or primary colour jumpers with a clashing skirt or shoe. And it just feels like – you would never have been wearing that a few months ago. And now you are it doesn’t look cool to me, it just looks like ‘today I am channelling – colour blocking! Because that’s cool now don’t cha know!’ And is that real style – really? 

Over and out!

Tuesday, 22 March 2011

fringes and feathers

My feathering kit arrived today - while I was at work - so it was sent back to the post office. Damn! I'm eager to get started, I've spent many a bored moment at work jotting down my mini enterprise ideas and I'm not one to wait around so watch this space :). This weekend will consist of a lot of gluing and crafting as well.

Image source:

On another note, these sandals from River Island have caught my eye, nearly £40 seems a bit much to me for sandals but I think I will make them a summer investment - I'm sure they will never leave my feet. Although they'll probably make my feet look like one of those 'Cousin It' style black dogs...

Going to the chapel

One of my best friends is getting hitched in a few months, she will be the first girl in our group to get married so obvious we're all very excited, especially for a summer wedding. It will be the full schebang - church cermony with a sit down meal and a swing band - oooh boy I am exicted!

So this brings along that ohhh what to wearrr question again. I don't want to leave it until the last minute so I have started to think about buying something soon so I'm extra prepared (I could wear something I already have but I have something particular in mind).

Being a summer wedding, and as I am a gold fanatic, I want to wear gold/champagne or lemon. My first idea was a gorgeous chiffon one shoulder dress with a 70s blazer and clutch - but the outfit I found was all cream/ivory and I'm sure that white territory is a no go for a wedding guest! So that one was out.

So then I decided on a floaty mid-length skirt (with pleats - oh so 'on-trend' but fuck it!) with a strapless bodice and chunky heels and clutch, and I've come up with this -

The skirt is from Zara, I should probably buy it now because now I've made it the foundation of my outfit it will invetiably sell out just to cause me problems! I love this little shell clutch bag from Accessorize, a bit loud but it's so cute! And I will be on the hunt for a pair of gold heels like the ones above. The bodice I have yet to find... girl on a mission.

Sunday, 20 March 2011

Planet Blue

Loving the latest look book from Planet Blue. It makes me even more excited for the summer, if that's even possible. The feather hair in the look book is awesome. I have a feathering kit being delivered this week with an idea of doing feather extensions for people in the summer (will have to charge though, those babies are expensive!) As she is a big fan of the hair feathers I will be calling on Froucy to practice on - FROUCY: if you are reading this go and check your comments.
You can also bond tinsel into your hair in the same way so I'm going to give that a try as well once I get the hang of the feathers...

put your new boots on

It has actually been quite a while since my last boot purchase, infact it was the gold VW glitter boots. Pretty good going for me! I bought these on eBay this week for a fiver, they're suede-y, pointed toe mid heels boots with studded details around the ankles. The only thing is that the whole of the inside is flaking off - so whenever I take them off there is a huge spray of flaked leathery stuff and they left the bottom of my jeans black and waxy... I will only be getting them out occasionally by the looks of it.

Wore them for a double date at Nandos last night with a lumberjack shirt. Standard.

Thursday, 17 March 2011

my ultimate muse... mama Kathy :), such a boho beautiful 70s free spirit. 

Monday, 14 March 2011

Hand me down Part II

Another gem from my Granny. I cleared out my wardrobe last week and put everything on to a rail (so much easier to go through now!) and found some things I'd forgotten I had, including this waistcoat that my Mum gave me that was my Granny's when she was young. It's pretty ancient, she said it must be at least 50 - 60 years old. Feel like I probably shouldn't wear it but it's too nice not to be worn! It would have been hand made and it is really thick cord, gives you a proper gentleman's pigeon chest! I wore it with my fail safe jeans and blue blazer with an animal print scarf as a kind of cravat. Boy meets girl meets urchin. 

I also have a brown velvet dress with a gold brocade bust and bow back that was my Granny's too, will post that soon as well. 

On another note, I wore my hair au naturel today, no extensions, as you can tell from my straggly ends! But I can't believe how long it has got! 

Sunday, 13 March 2011

birthday boys x

Turtle times for the Steele brothers' birthdays.

Hey woah, Bobbi!

(This title just looks weird unless you have seen Kiss Shreds...)

Yet another Bobbi Brown post, I am officially in love with this brand and after a week of testing with the new make up - I am very impressed. Next month I am going to buy the extreme mascara and long wear gel eyeliner. And also, the Bobbi Brown Beach perfume. When I read reviews of this it sounded like it would smell like suncream and so I was desperate to give it a try (I LOVE the smell of sun cream). When I tried it it was disappointing at first, it smelled like old ladies. But then when I left the shop and walked around town with it on I kept getting whiffs of it and grew to absolutely love it. So it is added to the list, give it a try.

Also - another brand I'm loving at the moment is the Yankee Candle company. They make loads of candles in a million different smells, they're so good. We bought the Sun and Sand candle for our new bathroom and... it smells like Bobbi Brown Beach. WIN.

Saturday, 12 March 2011

Beer and beef at the Hard Rock

It's the boyfriend's birthday tomorrow so as a pre-birthday treat I took him for lunch at the Hard Rock Cafe yesterday. Great music, alcohol, memorabilia and burgers: the perfect date for us. Although skipping breakfast and having pre-lunch coronas is pretty dangerous, I was a bit drunk by the time my food arrived..

We had the Legendary Hickory BBQ Burger, fries and twisted mac and cheese. I would recommend, best burger I've ever had. The food came really quickly and we were right in front of the music screens - they play music videos on big screens around the resteraunt, surrounded by old rock memorabilia so there is plenty to look at (and sing along to..).

After eating we popped across the road to 'The Vault', which is a mini memorabilia museum in an old royal bank vault. There was a lot in there, old guitars that belonged to Jimi Hendrix, Kurt Cobain, Slash, Bowie etc. My favourite was the original lyrics to Instant Karma, with JL's handwritten amendments - so awesome to see how it was originally written - and how weird it would have sounded with out some of the additions.

So much fun, good times <3

Wednesday, 9 March 2011

Jean Charles De Castelbajac

Now thisss is a collection to catch my eye. I haven't really been looking at the fashion week collections, I'm so excited for summer the last thing I want to do is think about autumn/winter! Obviously I had a look at Chloe though (just as lovely as you would expect). But in the Metro this morning I was confronted with images from Jean Charles De Castelbajac's new collection and I lurrrve it! Bit crazy, bit o' fun, breast grabbing tops and skull dresses - what more could you want?

Then I discovered his AW10/11 collection online - Bambi ahoy. I want the top with the Bambi shoulders badly.. 
I'm going to be keeping my eye on this guy!