Friday, 18 February 2011

Dance in the old fashioned way

One of the many things I love about glam rock is the way that people used to dance to it all back then. Before the days of slutty whore-bag dancing, when everyone wore what looked like their school clothes and did a little trippy hop step from side to side, no matter what they were listening to. I love it! I was having a little laugh with Mother about it and she was saying how back then no one knew how to dance and dancing wasn't really anywhere, on tv or anything like that. Pure enjoyment.

Here are some of my favourite examples from 70s Top of The Pops - School's Out, Get It On and Rock and Roll Part 2 (I know we're not suppoed to talk about GG anymore - but seriously his perverted ways aside, his music was awesome, sorry. And I love his costumes and crazy arm and head movements.) The chick in the pinafore dancing to School's Out has a girly head banging thing going on, and she gets to hip-bump Alice Cooper, biatch.

If only the world was still like this

Oh, and before that - the joys of LSD. The blond chick is brilliant!

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Charly said...

Haha I love this post! My mums the same, she stil dances slightly like this when shes had a few to drink lol great song choice, listening to satisfaction has definately cheered up my saturday spent doing uni work!