Monday, 31 October 2011

Obligatory Halloween post

We're in - to our new house that is. Feel very overwhelmed by everything but having lived out of home for three years before I know that the feeling goes away soon enough which is reassuring. Pics to follow!

On Saturday night I went to a friend's Halloween/house warming party and it was a blast. Also great because for the first time in a long time I didn't have to drive/leave early for trains etc because they're only a five minute skip down the road! Jagerbombs all round then. 

I went as Cleopatra, very impressed with the wig I ordered on eBay. It was really good for a synthetic wig and so reasonably priced - I want to buy a load of different ones and change my hair every time I go out! My boyfriend always goes to town on fancy dress and this year was no exception - he went as Louis de Pointe de Lac from Interview With The Vampire. He looked rather scary but amazing!!

It was great that everyone at the party had made a great effort to dress up! There was the Hulk, Leela and Fry, Elliot from ET, the Mad Hatter - loads!

Monday, 24 October 2011

On the move For some reason I never manage to go to bed before 12, and that combined with working a late night event last week has seriously caught up with me. I feel (and look!) like SHIT! Which means I have been very lazy on the packing front for moving on Friday, but I made a feeble attempt this evening by starting with the books and DVDs. I can't face tackling the clothes yet...

Had a very fun trip to Ikea on Saturday morning to get some of the necessary furniture and bedding bits but I'm also on the prowl for some quirky old antique things to decorate with. We're looking at going to a car boot on Sunday to nose around for some bits n pieces. I've been hunting online but I still haven't found an old wooden chest :(.

Often look to the Vintage Vixen for inspiration, if you haven't seen her blog already check it out, she finds the most incredible bargains at jumble sales and car boots in the UK and I LOVE her house. Read her blog HERE.

Looking forward to finally moving, catching up on sleep and having cosy nights in with the girls (and lots of raucous pre-drinking before nights out dancing!). 

Saturday, 22 October 2011

Little Wing in HUF Magazine

I answered this so long ago I almost forgot about it - and it also seems a bit old now, old products, old photos! But here's the Little Wing article in HUF creative magazine's October issue.

It's quite funny in a way, as really LW is a very slow work in progress but they're referred to it as the 'new must have jewellery' - thanks for bigging us up HUF :)!

Open the images in a new window and click zoom for bigger text.

Wednesday, 19 October 2011

Kitchens and Kurt

First up... a sneak peek at our new kitchen! Can't wait to start moving in next week. My skull salt and pepper shakers arrived today, they can take pride of place on our round wooden dining table. A teapot with a Union Jack knitted cover will also be gracing the kitchen tops!

Secondly, very old now but J'ADORE the AW Kurt Geiger campain images with the gorgeous Anja Rubik. Particularly the dancy sleeves hanging out of the black jacket, mm mm.

Like freaks of a feather we rock together

Forgot about this ancient RHCP song. 
Too right!
 Have been feeling very lucky and grateful recently to have such lovely friends, good times <3

One Night Only

My love for Patti&Keith just grew even more, if that's possible.

Sirius XM 'Studio 54 One Night Only' party. Love the story of how they met at the real S54 back in the day, Keith running away from Britt Ekland, seeing Patti on the dancefloor and just being blown away.... Sighhhhh <3

(Keef's looking a bit porky!)

Sunday, 16 October 2011

Salt and Pepper

First house purchase, aghhh! Good old eBay.

Little Wing goes to the Fayre

Little Wing and Amy Brandon Make-up at the Spectacular Bridal Event in Winchester today. It was a lovely day and such a beautiful location (although perhaps a little bit too cookie-cutter wedding style-ie for me!). The sun was out and we were set up in a marquee in the grounds and we met some other charming wedding vendors. Sunday lovely Sunday.

Saturday, 15 October 2011

Bridal Prep

I've been a bit housebound so far this weekend - plans to go to my good friend (and Little Wing model!)'s birthday party were ruined by the fact my REPLACEMENT (my first car Evelyn died recently :( ) car had to go into the garage for £350 REPAIRS! So I couldn't get anywhere - living where I do I need my car even if I'm going to get trains because I have to drive just to get the train. So that was an absolute bummer.... but....

I am moving out in two weeks! I'm sad to leave home again but also very excited - also because the location, a very convenient ten minute walk from a city station, means my transport woes will be no more! I am moving with my friend Amy (who you will have seen in my blog doing make up for Little Wing) and we've found a gorgeous three bed house with lovely old wooden floors and an exposed brick fireplace. We are turning the third bedroom into an office so I will have a Little Wing workshop space, can't wait! Anyway, that's for another post...

Today I have been prepping for the Spectacular Bridal Event, where I am showing Little Wing Bridal for the first time. It's still a project in the works but doesn't hurt to get out and about in the early stages. Lots of making and printing and trying on today...

Wednesday, 12 October 2011

Give Me Infinity

Proud week. The boy and his band Exit Ten released their new album 'Give Me Infinity' on Monday and celebrated with a launch gig in their hometown of Reading and small acoustic gathering in Kingston. Such an enjoyable weekend!

Check out their new video for "Suggest a Path" and some pics from the shows. You can buy the album HERE or on iTunes, in HMV, listen on Spotify - go go go!


Saturday night's outfit. I'm loving longer skirts at the moment because they cover my knock knees and ballet thighs. But this one is crossed over at the front so you can be a little naughtyyy and flash some leg while you're dancing. 

It's getting nippy now. I am living in this faux fur stole at the moment.

Friday, 7 October 2011


Wednesday, 5 October 2011

Tour Times

Exit Ten are going on tour in November! Check them out if they're at a city near you.

Also, any folks in the Berkshire area should come down to the album launch gig on Sunday 9th at Sub89 in Reading, it's going to be a good'un!

Monday, 3 October 2011

War Children

Remember the Almost Famous inspired look book Wildfox released a while ago for their AW collection? Well they've recently released a film version and it's SO fun (although pretty contrived and cliche, but that's the fun!) Love it. This is what I wish I was doing every day.

The beardy man reminds me of my boyfriend (I do love a beardy man)...

Sunday, 2 October 2011

A day in Hartley Wintney

To start what was a lovely weekend Mum and I drove down to Hartley Wintney (with the roof down, hooray!) for tea and antique browsing. She wanted to show me a place she had been to the week before, an old hotel that is now a tea room with all the upstairs rooms filled with antiques, vintage clothes and nick nacks. It was awesome and made for such an interesting day out.

Afterwards we went into the village and visited The Limes, the oldest building in the village from the 1700s which is now a furniture and antique shop. Some of the rooms still had old 60s/70s wallpaper on them - the bathroom was black and silver and had a Barbie-esque pink vintage bathroom suite! However, the floors were so uneven it made you feel sea sick - and there was something a little bit sinister about it.. but made it all the more interesting!


Happy Indian Summer. It's October, this is incredible.