Saturday, 5 February 2011

Do the Batiste

I never got round to finishing my blog 'makeover' last weekend, leaving it with a big pixellated title for the week. So when I got round to finishing it this morning, being the perfectionist that I am, I got carried away experimenting with images and colours. Because I don't know how to hide a blog while you're working on it I think my page must have changed about ten times today. Although I doubt anyone has been reading it so I'm sure it went un-noticed! I'm pretty happy with it now, and keeping with the boots theme I wanted Keef's snakey boots in Gimme Shelter (when they are in the studio listening to Wild Horses.. I love how the camera man takes the time to focus on the snake boots!) and then found this wicked image, of what looks like Keef and Mick talking about his boots. Photo was taken by Bill Wyman and found here.

Anyway, bit of a miracle product to shout about, the new Batiste with a hint of colour for blondes....

The only colour dry shampoo I had seen from Batiste up until now was a brunette one that Froucy used at the festivals last year and I wished that there was a blonde one that didn't just make your hair look grey or streaky like the normal dry shampoos do. And then last weekend I found this in Boots for only £3 or so and gave it a try. I was dying my roots anyway, but I tried the dry shampoo first and it completely blended the dark roots and freshened up the brightness of my hair. I'm usually quite underwhelmed by hair products but this is a winner. Blondes - try it now and it will be a hair-life saver come summer time!

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