Sunday, 27 February 2011

drift away

Last night I went to the lovely Nirvana Spa for an evening of complete relaxation, which I really needed after the last few weeks, and especially as my beloved cat Dylan had a stroke on Saturday morning :(. I have a serious bond with my cat so it was awful, but luckily he settled down and he is still with us for the time being. He's next to me now in front of the heater. I don't know what I'll do without him, and I don't think we will have him for much longer. 

So it was nice to get away from it all. I've never been to a spa before so it was a bit of a treat, jacuzzi, steam room, hot beds, amazing. I felt so refreshed afterwards and I'm sure it did wonders for my skin. So now I feel like I want to treat myself more often and start taking care of my skin. I'm a bit of a wash my face with a bar of soap kinda girl which isn't going to do me any favours in the long term. So this month, rather than buying more clothes I'm going to invest in some decent make up and skin care products. 

The products at Nirvana Spa were delicious, and I realised that (for some reason) they sell them in Asda for a much better price, and they're on offer at the moment so the big bottles are only a few pounds. Today I picked up some treats, a pomegranate body wash, hand and nail cream, body lotion and de-stressing bath liquid. We are having our bathroom ripped out and re-done this week so I'm going to save them for next weekend when I can make my own little spa in our shiny new room.

I've also found that recently I am wanting to take out my hair extensions and stop wearing eyeliner - it's like I'm suddently turning against all my fakery (except fake tan and hair extensions will still creep in on many an occasion I'm sure). But my day to day liquid liner that I have worn every day since I was about 14 is being phased out. Foundation, subtle bronzer, blush and mascara is all I want to wear at the moment. So I want to start fresh with my make up bag and spend some money on some decent products. After a bit of internet research I'm thinking of going for Bobbi Brown - I'm always drawn to the counter in John Lewis and I really get the impression of quality from their products. I think I'll pay a visit next week.

Liking the look of these -

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