Monday, 30 May 2011

Fear the Reaper

I literally did nothing this bank holiday weekend - and it was pure bliss! I am always so busy and trying to cram too much into my week and spare time so my weekends don't often feel like rest, so I made sure I was a complete bum this weekend - lying in bed all morning watching films, eating lots of treats and putting my feet up.

One thing I did get round to doing though was finishing watching series one of Sons of Anarchy. My boyfriend bought the DVD for me for Christmas. We'd never heard of it but as I have a big thing for bikers and leather I assume he guessed it would be right up my street. I watched a couple of the episodes but until now hadn't been able to sit down and really get into it and I've just watched the finale episode - and wish I had season two ready to put into my DVD player NOW!

I did wonder after the first episode how good it would be and if I'd get stuck in to it, but as I watched the episodes pretty much back to back over the weekend I was completely drawn in. It's pretty brutal at times, it's about a biker gang in the fictional town of 'Charming' in California and they pretty much have more power than the police. Lots of gun dealing, drugs, murders and fights. And they all wear wicked leather gilets with the SOA motif on the back - which they also have tattooed over their backs.

I won't talk about anything that happens because there are some real shockers, one in particular that left me open mouthed and going 'NOOOOO' at the TV. I recommend! Must get series 2 asap....

There's also a 3rd series coming out in October and a fourth one being made, wahooo! Oh - and I rather like Jackson Teller.... ;-) (who, if you can believe it, is Nathan from the British Queer as Folk - crazy!)


I bought this cowboy shirt on a quick, rainy shopping trip today. I was drawn in by the arrow stripes - love it! I'm totally into shirts at the moment, mainly all I've worn for the past week or so - it's a good thing I own more shirts than any other type of clothing!

Saturday, 28 May 2011

One for Rich Hippie

This one is for 90s grunge fan Rich Hippie - found this in the back of my wardrobe! (Added my Lennon specs for effect hehe). This was hidden away since we were kids but came in handy as a good make up bag at Sonisphere last year.

I also hacked my fringe back into my hair today after months of growing it out - just didn't feel like me after a while. Feels right with the fringe! Oh, and I also bought another new pair of shoes... my bad!

Golden Earring

Had another Youtube rock session with Mother late last night, this tends to happen every so often when I come in late from a night out and we can't be bothered to go to bed. So we play loads of videos, sing along and do Gary Glitter moves until we can't stay up any more.

Best discovery from last nights sesh (thanks to mum) Golden Earring -

Monday, 23 May 2011

Boot lust

Yes, yet more glitter. I got these for four quid on eBay, I'm a happy bunny. They will make good gigging shoes because they look good with jeans and the heels are nice and easy. Excuse my manky socks.

This blog started about my thing for boots then I kind of went off on a tangent... seems I'm resurrecting the boots themed love again recently.

Sunday, 22 May 2011

New at Little Wing

A couple of new items on the Little Wing website today. 
Visit, easy clip in feather extensions also online!

Things have been a little slow in terms of blogging and feathering this week - mostly due to the fact that my life has got a bit hectic in the last two weeks and also because I have picked up yet another virus and ten days later I'm still suffering with a sinus infection :(. It better bugger off soon, I want to recuperate in time for Download!

Fun things to come though - new photoshoots, feathering parties and BRIDAL in the pipeline :)

Beards and memorabilia

People who know me personally will know my love for beards. 

Well this little guy at the London Zoo made my weekend...

... as did this awesome shop the man and I popped into on our way to Regents Park. Way overpriced though, but I wanted everything. If you're ever on Baker Street pay a visit. The Beatles shop is on the other side of the road as well!

Monday, 16 May 2011

Foxy Coxy

Happy Birthday to my partner in guitar-legging crime LUCY COX! 
Check out her rather wicked blog at www.riphertothreads,

At Lucy's birthday drinks on Saturday (ps. check out her RING! And for the record I don't usually wear hats indoors like a poseur - I was ready to leave)

Back to my boots roots

I am excited. If the buy-it-now goes to plan (somebody had arranged it but backed out so they are offered to me!) these babies will be mine!

Sunday, 15 May 2011

Little Wing is back online!

The new and improved Little Wing website is back online after a bit of a revamp! You will now new and easy to attach clip-in feather extensions plus the final images from our recent shoot (click the 'Look Book' link in the navigation bar). 

Check it out HERE

And follow the new Little Wing blog @

Saturday, 14 May 2011

Alice Cooper in some-form-of-D event

So i've had another one of those weeks that has left me so run down I've developed my usual bunged up chesty cough disease, fabulouss.

On Wednesday night I was lucky enough to go to the Jagermeister Ice Cold event at Battersea Power Station for a 'world first' 4D rock concert featuring the one and only Alice Cooper (who as you'll know is a favourite of mine and Froucy's). It was meant to be an amazing new technology show where the pre-filmed concert would be projected in 4D so that it looked as though the band (which was the original surviving '72 line-up) were actually playing.

I have to say once the gig started I was confused by the whole concept - it appeared to me more like a 2D/sometimes 3D slightly blurry cinema viewing. But it was meant to be a hologram so I guess it was more holographic that 3/4D. But anyway - aside from the concept confusion it was one the most random and ridiculously fun nights I've had in a long time and even though the set was just seven songs long they played our favourites.

My usually very reserved boyfriend got ridiculously drunk (free bar ALL NIGHT!) and started dancing with me in the middle of the room which was a novel surprise and we all drank and got merry. We also met a very Scottish Alice Cooper fanatic who was wearing the same gold sequin trousers that Alice had on during the gig. When I asked him if he somehow knew what Alice was going to be wearing I got a very serious (and very Scottish!) "Thereee's not a lort aboot Alice I dorn't knorr!" LEGEND.

Oh and I feathered Stu. He doesn't look amused but he really actually loves it....

Sunday, 8 May 2011

Sneak peek - Little Wing look book

After the very difficult task of waking up this morning after last night's festivities I spent the day taking some lovely photos with Amy Brandon make up and hair, Emma Fletcher photography and our fabulous model Emily Dyer. As well as showcasing Amy and Emma's awesome skills (and Emily's gorgeousness!) we were also shooting for a Little Wing 'look book' and it was really good fun. 

The final images look amazing, but in the meantime here is a little 'behind the scenes' peek. All of the hair feathers you see here will be available to buy as an easy clip in hair piece, going live this week!

Make up - Amy Brandon:  @amybrandonmua
Photography - Emma Fletcher:   @EFletcherPhoto
Hair/styling - Eleanor Searle @wearelittlewing
Assisting - Emma Woolford 

Also want to say a big thank you to the lovely Giselle from Style of a Fashionista, who featured Little Wing on her blog today - check her out here!

Saturday night, dance I like the way you move

Another fabulous night Turtle-ing and AfterDark-ing for the lovely FROUCY's (click the link, check out her blog) early birthday! 

I bloody love these girls.

Saturday, 7 May 2011

Wednesday, 4 May 2011

Jolly olly-day haul

I have been very naughty already this month and spent far too much, but I bought some lovely new bits for my holiday (well with my holiday in mind but I'm sure I'll be wearing them all before then!). Primark is so good this summer, which is good for me because it's so cheap and I buy too much...

Not that anyone is actually interested in what I bought when I went shopping, but here are my faves: just because you might like them and want to get them yourselves!

Little cotton playsuit - I'm loving yellow at the moment (but of course that doesn't mean I'll be venturing down the colour blocking road, Elle hates the colour blocking!)

I blogged this dress a while back here, so glad I found it in the store becaue I LOVE it! And I rarely wear dresses so that's something.

And another one - looks like I'm reintroducing dresses into my wardrobe. This one is a maxi with little straps from H&M. I loved and boyfriend nodded in approval. Sold. 

And without my holiday in mind I bought some new vinyls from The Sound Machine. If you're ever in Reading you must pay a visit, I never leave there without some new vinyl treats.