Friday, 18 February 2011

It's time to keep your appointment with The Wicker Man

The last two weeks at work have been so stressful. Among a million other things I was organising a catwalk show and although it went really well, I've totally shut down now so I'm off today with yet another virus-y thing. I have such a weak immune system. I'm going for my first spa evening next Saturday so I can't wait for that, some pure relaxation time!

Anyway, so last night I was missing out on a friend's gig that I was really up for going to so I had a movie night in bed (sob sob) but watched the brilliance that is The Wicker Man.

Now I love really old freaky movies a la Don't Look Now (which I have posted about before), The Birds, The Omen etc. The old filming style, the incredibly British accents, the character and individuality. Like old music - they don't make them like they used to (although they try to re-make them for some bizarre reason, and fail miserably. I will never watch the Nicholas Cage remake, why on earth did they do that?!)

I have seen The Wicker Man many times before but it never gets old, or less bizarre or terrifying. This film has one of the scariest endings I've ever seen, not in your obvious ghostly or gratuitous way, but because the idea of it is so appauling especially combined with the jolly soundtrack. And Christopher Lee in the drag costume - literally one of the most terrifying scenes in the film, hopping up the hill.

It's also one of the most bizzare films I've ever seen - the phallic references, humping puppets, salmon costumes!

Another great part of the film pf course is the beautiful Britt Ekland aka. "The landlord's daughterrr!", another classic 70s screen icon. And who could forget the famous seduction scene.. heyyyy ho! The song is that scene is lovely, see the video at the end of the post.

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