Monday, 28 November 2011


I kinda love what Stella McCartney is wearing to the British Fashion Awards tonight - it's crazy and pyjama like but it's so different from all the balls gowns and it looks SO comfy! Love the matching bag too. I'm a big fan of the jumpsuit, I have a loud patterened flared one I'm considering cracking out for our housewarming on Saturday...

Sorry about the watermark, I'm embarassingly quick on the mark here (thanks to Twitter I might add) so Getty Images is the only way!

Sunday, 27 November 2011

Winter knits

It's more than a bit nippy now, so out come the chunky knits. I've resurrected this Whistles oversized Fisherman jumper from a couple of winters ago - it was way too long (once again due to my shortness) so, as seems to be habit of mine, I cut the bottom off! I've been bumming around the house in it but it also looks cute with a shirt poking out. Mmm cosy.

Sporting some great eye bags there... thanks cold.

I've just noticed in the corner you can see the scraps from my polka dot shirt cutting session...

Saturday, 26 November 2011

I wanna Frock and Roll all night

I love this time of year, I feel so Christmassy already - although money will be much tighter this year now I have rent and all that malarky to pay, but I have started my Christmas shopping already. Hoping to fill my diary with trips to Winter Wonderland and the Christmas set up at the garden centre (which my Mum, Sister, Granny and I do every year to buy a new decoration) and some festive Christmas shopping evenings.

As yesterday was pay day, and the first month that a majority of my income was swallowed up by rent and bills, I softened the blow and treated myself to something from an amazing little vintage shop near where I live (Reading) called Frock and Roll. It's full of really well picked and very reasonably priced vintage items. Unfortunately I wasn't slim enough for the circle skirt and lace prom dress I was lusting after but I did buy an oversized mens spotty shirt which will will be great to wear with simple jeans and a red lippy. Although I have cut the bottom of it because it was too long to stuff into my jean.s

It's great for statement dresses and fun 60s pieces - there was a pink shift dress with a feather trim around the collar that I loved, it made me think of a 60s housewife wearing little slip on mules - but then when would I really wear it! If you're ever down in Reading I strongly suggest you pay them a visit!

(I don't mean to look like a ridiculous poser)

I am full of cold this weekend so I plan to stay indoors, watch a lot of TV, cook some peppers and start the work on reviving Little Wing for Christmas..

Sunday, 20 November 2011

pip pip cheerio, I'll be back soon

Total blog neglect - been settling into the new house but we finally have working internet, wohoo! So much has happened in the last couple of weeks, crazy times to update on.

We're not crazy, we've moved into number 99 :P.

Worked this weekend at a firework and lazer show which was fun and festive, followed by a lovely meal with my parents. The rest of the weekend was spent snoozing on the sofa and in bed with my boyfriend watching Sons of Anarchy before he goes away again. Touring turns him into this...


ciao, ciao

Tuesday, 8 November 2011

Office Schmoffice

I still miss wearing whatever I want to work - my smarter corporate office dress code makes me feel very uninspired and leaves my wardrobe quite lonely!

Despite that I can indulge in my love for masculine trousers. I love these Zara trousers, I bought them in navy as well when they were in the sale. The cross over front is slightly Mr Darcy and they are a bit widening but they taper really nicely at the ankle. Today I teamed them with a loose vintage shirt and snake belt. I mainly wear flats because most of my shoes aren't 'corporate office friendly' but these are GOLD! I felt more like myself in this today.

Monday, 7 November 2011


Really love the new look book images from Planet Blue. I'd like to try the glitter eyes for a night out dancing, luckily my housemate is a make up artist so I can blag some help!

Great Frog Love

I have been thinking about my next The Great Frog purchase to go with my skull and garnet and although they are often bringing out new pieces, nothing had really jumped out at me until this...

I actually gasped.

Sunday, 6 November 2011

As blue as it gets

As much as at first I hate the dark evenings and winter nights, I do love winter nights out. Last night we went to see Larry Miller, he's an awesome blues/rock guitarist. The music was brilliant and as well as his own stuff he threw in Voodoo Chile, Rock and Roll and Whole Lotta Love which went down really well!

My videos take too long to upload so I've nicked one from Youtube. If he's ever in a town hear you I throughly recommend you go and see him - you'll have a great night. 

Went to have my roots done yesterday and decided to tone down the blonde - it was getting a bit too artificial so I went for a load of darker blonde lowlights. I feel like it's mousey now! But I think I always think changes to my hair are extreme when they're not actually much different. My hair extensions are like bleach ends now which is quite fun. Please excuse my tired eyes, I'm way too puffy at the moment!

Tuesday, 1 November 2011

The New House

So we're all settled in and I'm now sitting in the new little office room with some sweets and some Stones :).

Here are some pics from the new pad. We've had a lot of fun shopping for it, particularly when we got the star lamp. We couldn't find a suitable coffee table for the lounge so we tried my flight case and loved it, it also works really well with the rug we bought. So now we're on the hunt for a bigger one. We also went to a little gallery in Reading and found they had a Ronnie Wood exhibition on - I wished I had a grand to buy one but then Dad had the genius idea of just framing the print I liked in the brochure and voila!

The Ronnie Wood print in its framed glory. This is not intended to look like a shrine to Keith... it's a random shelf bit on the way down the stairs of my room - there will be many many more frames there in due course (without pictures of Keith in them!)

Amy's nicked Incubus billboard poster - greets you on your way up the stairs!