Sunday, 27 February 2011

drift away

Last night I went to the lovely Nirvana Spa for an evening of complete relaxation, which I really needed after the last few weeks, and especially as my beloved cat Dylan had a stroke on Saturday morning :(. I have a serious bond with my cat so it was awful, but luckily he settled down and he is still with us for the time being. He's next to me now in front of the heater. I don't know what I'll do without him, and I don't think we will have him for much longer. 

So it was nice to get away from it all. I've never been to a spa before so it was a bit of a treat, jacuzzi, steam room, hot beds, amazing. I felt so refreshed afterwards and I'm sure it did wonders for my skin. So now I feel like I want to treat myself more often and start taking care of my skin. I'm a bit of a wash my face with a bar of soap kinda girl which isn't going to do me any favours in the long term. So this month, rather than buying more clothes I'm going to invest in some decent make up and skin care products. 

The products at Nirvana Spa were delicious, and I realised that (for some reason) they sell them in Asda for a much better price, and they're on offer at the moment so the big bottles are only a few pounds. Today I picked up some treats, a pomegranate body wash, hand and nail cream, body lotion and de-stressing bath liquid. We are having our bathroom ripped out and re-done this week so I'm going to save them for next weekend when I can make my own little spa in our shiny new room.

I've also found that recently I am wanting to take out my hair extensions and stop wearing eyeliner - it's like I'm suddently turning against all my fakery (except fake tan and hair extensions will still creep in on many an occasion I'm sure). But my day to day liquid liner that I have worn every day since I was about 14 is being phased out. Foundation, subtle bronzer, blush and mascara is all I want to wear at the moment. So I want to start fresh with my make up bag and spend some money on some decent products. After a bit of internet research I'm thinking of going for Bobbi Brown - I'm always drawn to the counter in John Lewis and I really get the impression of quality from their products. I think I'll pay a visit next week.

Liking the look of these -

Daisy daisy

Bargain of the month - I bought a beautiful daisy print jumpsuit from Topshop for only £15 down from £60, what a find. I can't wait to wear it on it's own in summer, but for a night out on Friday I wore it as trousers with a t-shirt, black jacket and - gold socks! Wearing loose trousers on a night out is so liberating and comfortable!

(standing on the bed in shoes.. eek)

Saturday, 26 February 2011

Chchchchch Cherry Bomb

Had a great night on Wednesday with Froucy eating pizza and popcorn and watching The Runaways. We missed it at the cinema because it was hardly showing anywhere near where we live but the DVD release came round pretty quickly. 

What a feast of glam, glitter and platforms! The movie plot (obviously based on the real Runaways) was pretty average and it did feel like the film ended without a lot really happening but it was really enjoyable none the less and the soundtrack and costumes were immense. I had major boot lust for Cherie's silver knee high platforms... fancy dress shop here I come, I have already found a pair. I can't believe Dakota Fanning was only 15/16 when this was made!

Image source:

Sunday, 20 February 2011

we jammin'

For the past few years my Dad has gone away in the New Year somewhere really far away to do volunteer work (and to see the world!) The first year he went cycling around Cambodia and Thailand, last year we went to help with a school in India and this year he went to build in Ghana in Africa. 

It's so great that he gets to do all of this travelling, and I admire that he goes to the more run down places to actually do something of worth - I have never travelled other than to go on sun soaked holidays. But he also brings back some great things for my wardrobe - which makes it a bit more worldly! Last year he got me a beautiful sari from India and some bangles. And this year he brought me back some trousers and hand painted jewellery that he bought from the Rastafarians he met on the beach, they played some great reggae apparently. It sounds amazing. I'm really looking forward to wearing these in the summer with a head scarf and sandals - they are SO comfy and breezy, love them. I always enjoy clothes that are out of the ordinary - they're very simple but I like that they came from so far away, makes it that bit more interesting.

(On another note - the glitter skull on my window sill - Froucy and I bought these for about 50p in lots of different colours last year. I have a black one too. Tip - Tescos at Halloween!)

Saturday, 19 February 2011

Primark SS11

I was quite surprised when I saw the Primark SS11 look book - I'm sure in real life the poor quality will ruin the effect but there are some really cute pieces in there. First two are my favourites, I'd love them for my upcoming holiday and they definitely won't break the bank which is always good. The model, Jade, looks great too. I worked with her on a show last year, she was lovely.

Friday, 18 February 2011

Dance in the old fashioned way

One of the many things I love about glam rock is the way that people used to dance to it all back then. Before the days of slutty whore-bag dancing, when everyone wore what looked like their school clothes and did a little trippy hop step from side to side, no matter what they were listening to. I love it! I was having a little laugh with Mother about it and she was saying how back then no one knew how to dance and dancing wasn't really anywhere, on tv or anything like that. Pure enjoyment.

Here are some of my favourite examples from 70s Top of The Pops - School's Out, Get It On and Rock and Roll Part 2 (I know we're not suppoed to talk about GG anymore - but seriously his perverted ways aside, his music was awesome, sorry. And I love his costumes and crazy arm and head movements.) The chick in the pinafore dancing to School's Out has a girly head banging thing going on, and she gets to hip-bump Alice Cooper, biatch.

If only the world was still like this

Oh, and before that - the joys of LSD. The blond chick is brilliant!

It's time to keep your appointment with The Wicker Man

The last two weeks at work have been so stressful. Among a million other things I was organising a catwalk show and although it went really well, I've totally shut down now so I'm off today with yet another virus-y thing. I have such a weak immune system. I'm going for my first spa evening next Saturday so I can't wait for that, some pure relaxation time!

Anyway, so last night I was missing out on a friend's gig that I was really up for going to so I had a movie night in bed (sob sob) but watched the brilliance that is The Wicker Man.

Now I love really old freaky movies a la Don't Look Now (which I have posted about before), The Birds, The Omen etc. The old filming style, the incredibly British accents, the character and individuality. Like old music - they don't make them like they used to (although they try to re-make them for some bizarre reason, and fail miserably. I will never watch the Nicholas Cage remake, why on earth did they do that?!)

I have seen The Wicker Man many times before but it never gets old, or less bizarre or terrifying. This film has one of the scariest endings I've ever seen, not in your obvious ghostly or gratuitous way, but because the idea of it is so appauling especially combined with the jolly soundtrack. And Christopher Lee in the drag costume - literally one of the most terrifying scenes in the film, hopping up the hill.

It's also one of the most bizzare films I've ever seen - the phallic references, humping puppets, salmon costumes!

Another great part of the film pf course is the beautiful Britt Ekland aka. "The landlord's daughterrr!", another classic 70s screen icon. And who could forget the famous seduction scene.. heyyyy ho! The song is that scene is lovely, see the video at the end of the post.

Tuesday, 15 February 2011

two for the list

Ohh Topshop, you've done it again - stop trying to bankrupt me!

and to feel in the night the nearness of you x

This is quite out of character, but in the spirit of the Hallmark holiday, cliche, ridiculous day of yesterday - I love this guy <3

We don't do soppy dinners and we're a split the bill kinda pair so we went for steak and fajitas at TGI Friday's yesterday, any excuse for some meat! I haven't been there for years - the food was delicious and they played Jimi Hendrix, Aerosmith, Rainbow and Michael Jackson really loudly while we were eating - I was very happy. 

Sunday, 13 February 2011

Walk like an Egyptian

Another blast at the After Dark last night. Bloody love these girls. The After Dark is so gross and past it but we have the best nights there - on 80s night. Although it's just a little bit bad when Froucy and I go to the DJ booth to make requests only to be greeted with "I know you two - you always come here immaculately dressed and ask for Motley Crue!" Ohhhh dear!

We discovered a poster for a new night every month where they play Hendrix, Rolling Stones, Bowie, T Rex  etc so that is obviously a must do. Why don't these places exist everywhere?!

LOVED Froucy's outfit, she had these fabulous palazzo pants.

Guitar leg part 2 (only now do I realise we were posing in front of an abortion counselling clinic...)

Song for the day, Walk Like An Egyptian by those lovely Bangles. I was listening to this to gear myself up while I was getting ready and then they played it later on that night, such a great song to dance/drive/sing to. I wish I looked like Susanna Hoffs, she's such a babe. 

Hand me down

I had this beautiful shirt handed down to me by my Granny last week. It's so lovely, it has satin lapels and pockets and double buttons on the cuffs. I met up with some of my girlfriends for lunch today so i thought it would be a nice time to wear it. Typically I put it with my gross old jeans (I don't wear any other pairs at the moment, I think I should probably throw them away but I love them!), my trusty navy blazer and new KG clogs. There's something really lovely about wearing a hand-me-down, Granny was telling me about all the outfits she teamed it with and where she wore it and it's so nice to be able to continue wearing it. 

Saturday, 12 February 2011

Ohh Acne

Loving the Acne resort collection for SS11, love the way the look book has been shot - what an inspiring collection. I must get my paws on the sequin jacket!


Wednesday, 9 February 2011

I am woman... and nothing else matters

I ADORE this new image from the SS11 French Connection campaign ("You are woman?"). Not only is the photography and outfit beautiful but it's so real! Yes, I may look like a beautiful stylish lady but I like BIG BURGERS and licking ketchup off my hands. She seems like my kinda girl. It's also reminded me I have a dress like that lurking in my wardrobe, hurry up summer.

On a slightly 'I am man' note, I was going to post some music which I haven't done in a while and the song reminded me of this photo from Soniphere festival 09, not my finest moment - not only do Jozef and I look ridiculously awkward - but I look just a little bit like a dude. Lady looks like a dudee! But obviously coming across Metallica's gear was one of my finest moments, I should have taken Froucy's advice and nicked one of Rob's basketball vests from the 'wardrobe' box...

Anyway, song of choice for today, my favourite song in the world. Metallica were the first band that really got me into music. I was watching a show at school that my sister was in and two guys played a guitar set and they sung this song and I was completely taken. So I begged for some allowance money (I think I was about 13 so this was in the days of complete parental reliance!) and bought the Black album and that's when my love affair with Metallica started! Yeahh, they have some cliche songs (Sandman anyone?) and please forget St Anger ever happened, but if you listen to some of the not so well known stuff you will see they really are the dogs bollocks. The S&M album also shows what brilliant musicians they are. When they played this at Sonisphere that year my boyfriend put me on his shoulders, what a guy - I literally nearly killed him, or broke his back, but it was the best fest moment ever.

Anyway, gushing rant over, enjoy x

Top of the Tees

Ohhh Topman, you have done it again. You have stopped me in my tracks with another t-shirt. Saw this on a post-work shopping trip the other day and I don't think I can help myself.. another naughty purchase is going to be made...

Sunday, 6 February 2011


Can't believe it's taken me this long to post about this. Although I did take a ridiculous amount of time to read it - my train journey to and from work is the only time I really have to concentrate on reading and I spend a lot of that time asleep...
The book lived up to my expectations, but I have to say in all honesty I closed the book at the end feeling a little diasppointed. I mean that in a positive way though - I wanted so much more! Obviously if he went into detail about every aspect of his life the book would need to be in volumes, so I guess that is to be expected. I loved how honest and open it was, particularly on the subject of drugs, rock and roll related antics - and Mick Jagger. I found one part particularly amusing - I won't give it away but it involves a wedding jacket, 'Lead Vocalist Syndrome', a right hook... and Charlie Watts - very unexpected!

What really endeared me to Keith even more was how, despite all of the groupies and women he was with, he really comes across as a respectful - shy even - kind of man when it comes to women (despite the fact he banged a lottt of chicks, when he fell in love he was really in love)

[on groupies] "It's not like I was collecting - I'm not Bill Wyman or Mick Jagger, noting down how many I've had. I'm not talking about shagging here. I've never been able to go to bed with a woman just for sex. I've no interest in that. I want to hug you and kiss you and make you feel good and protect you. And get a nice note the next day, stay in touch."

[on meeting Patti Hansen] "Unbelievably she is the most beautiful (physically) specimen in the WORLD. But that ain't it! It certainly helps but it's her mind, her joy of life and (wonders) she thinks this battered junkie is the guy she loves", "I'm kicking 40 and besotted."

And they're still married! A rare thing.

He also talk a lot about the music, techincal info on guitar playing and tuning and stories behind their most well known songs. "Angie", for example, was written when Keith was in a rehab clinic and Anita was down the road having Dandelion/Angela. I think it is commonly thought that Angie is about Angela or Anita, that was what I assumed, but he says it wasn't about any person in particular and he didn't even know at the time that they would call the kid Angela. I love to hear the stories behind songs.

Anyway, as I had hoped it was a brilliant read, so go read!

(The photo below of Keith and Patti is from a shoot by Lynn Goldsmith and my favourite set of image of Keith - I keep discovering new shots from this particular shoot on my internet image travels. If I ever manage to move out and get my own place I will be buying one of the prints to decorate my bedroom wall.)


Clashing prints and velvet - I like to throw it all on at once, a bit of clothes-vomit. The peace necklace was a present from my parents a couple of birthdays ago, I love it so much. 

(As I said before, I really can't do 'outfit' photos well)

Some other new additions to my wardrobe: