Sunday, 13 February 2011

Walk like an Egyptian

Another blast at the After Dark last night. Bloody love these girls. The After Dark is so gross and past it but we have the best nights there - on 80s night. Although it's just a little bit bad when Froucy and I go to the DJ booth to make requests only to be greeted with "I know you two - you always come here immaculately dressed and ask for Motley Crue!" Ohhhh dear!

We discovered a poster for a new night every month where they play Hendrix, Rolling Stones, Bowie, T Rex  etc so that is obviously a must do. Why don't these places exist everywhere?!

LOVED Froucy's outfit, she had these fabulous palazzo pants.

Guitar leg part 2 (only now do I realise we were posing in front of an abortion counselling clinic...)

Song for the day, Walk Like An Egyptian by those lovely Bangles. I was listening to this to gear myself up while I was getting ready and then they played it later on that night, such a great song to dance/drive/sing to. I wish I looked like Susanna Hoffs, she's such a babe. 

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