Wednesday, 28 September 2011

Chelsea Tallarico

Steven Tyler's daughter on the Daily Mail today... wowza. Literally Steven junior. 

I wish I could have her hair.

(He wore that sequin jacket at Download Fest last year, swoooon)

Monday, 26 September 2011


I teamed up with Amy Brandon again this weekend for another photoshoot. We shot it in the grounds of Wellington College - so many beautiful backdrops to choose from.

As we were without a photographer I decided to do a bit of DIY and take them myself, which was a bit of a gamble, but I was a little bit gobsmacked at how they turned out. We're very pleased with this one and I had a lot of fun styling it. My favourite was the 60s 'dolly' look - Amy did the most amazing backcombed hair style for it which we loved and the make up is stunning.

Up next - Bridal.

Styling and Photography:
Accessories from Little Wing
Make up and Hair styling: Amy Brandon

It goes without saying, please don't use any of these photos without giving credits.


Anyone who happens to go Reading should have a night out at Lola Lo, a new tiki themed bar that's just opened. Perhaps it was just because there is finally a new fun place to go in Reading but it got us all excited. And it's so pretttty and retro!

It's good thing I'm not looking for a boyfriend... would be pretty hard hanging around with girls this fit!

Who wears short shorts

As usual - many many shirts. The this one was my Granny's, she let me have it not too long ago. Had loads of stories about what she used to wear it with - Granny and I bond over clothes :). 

Also my new clumpy Topshop boots, they're very comfy (nice bin in the background!)

Cracked out the fur gilet yesterday - and now it's a freakin 'Indian Summer' - what the! Looking a bit haggard... I should try and sleep more.

Wednesday, 21 September 2011

Sound Machine

A five-minutes-to-kill-before-my-train dash around The Sound Machine this afternoon resulted in three new vinyls for my collection, score.

The bf and I want a vinyl wall in our bedroom when we (eventually?!) move out - although now I'm thinking a shelf - too difficult to play them all from the wall!

Speaking of room decor, I will also be on the hunt for an antique wooden chest for the end of the bed, kinda like this one

And a large black and white framed Spinal Tap print above the bed... but that will take a lot of searching :P

Tuesday, 20 September 2011

You got me feeling High!

Cleo Sol wearing Little Wing in the video for her debut single High! The single is available to pre-order on iTunes here

Monday, 19 September 2011

9 to 5

In my previous job I could wear literally whatever I wanted - whereas now I have to wear 'smart' outfits. It can be a little uninspiring so I try to mix it up a bit so I don't always look boring/the same. But it does allow me to indulge in my love for masculine tailoring :). Today I went for a trouser suit with a casual tee and classic trench. Also, the Celine-esque leather bag I got for my birthday has literally been on my shoulder every day since I got it.

(Please excuse my messy room)

Sunday, 18 September 2011

New at Little Wing

New pieces online today at Little Wing. Click HERE to visit and shop!

Little Wing is now on Tumblr as well, follow at for inspiration, random musings and new pieces.

Working on the bridal pieces for a bridal fair coming up in October as well as a new side project - interior pieces. I've been shopping for driftwood today...

Saturday Night

My 'outfit' photos are terrible quality but oh well you get the jist. Outfit from last night for a friends birthday/engagement partayy. I haven't worn a skirt in ages and I enjoyed it - I think I'm going to crack it out again for a girls night out on Friday - maybe with massive platforms and a 'bralet'. This time I teamed it with a Keith Richards t-shirt (which I have been wearing to bed - I'm gross like that) and red patent stilettos with a clashing dalmation bag and big fur coat (to fight the cold - outdoor party).

Saturday, 17 September 2011

I could drink a case of you

So much love for Joni. I love how all her songs still work now her voice is all haggered. It's almost more beautiful.

Monday, 12 September 2011


Planning for a shoot this weekend, providing it's not raining we'll be hitting the woods. Thinking up lots of ideas, feeling very inspired by Joni Mitchell and Chloe. 

Suit you Sir!

I'm having such a blow out month which is bad because I have so much to be saving for - moving out in the New Year (if all goes to plan!), paying off minor debts and saving for a couple of exciting courses I'm planning to enrol on. But I have picked up some really key bits and pieces including replacing my overworn black and navy blazers with a nice sharp one from Zara. Zara has the best tailoring on the high street, in my opinion, so reasonably priced but really well fitted.

But - if I had the budget I would immediately get my hands on the Elle blazer and trousers from Whistles! Damn I miss my discount :(!

Isn't Polly gorgeous? She was one of my favourite models to work with, really cool looking girl. You could put her in absolutely anything and she would look amazing. Girl could rock a binliner!

Sunday, 11 September 2011

Breaking the Law

Last night's outfit: I'm in love with these lace shorts from Zara. Wanted the lace shorts from The Kooples but they were way out of my price range so I was very pleased to find these. Necklace from Little Wing (available online today finally!) leopard sweater from Mango and leopard scarf from Little Wing. There's probably a law against wearing two coloured leopard prints together but I'm never fully dressed without my scarf!

Wednesday, 7 September 2011

Cobra snakes and swords...

... coming soon to Little Wing, plus new feather colours.

Fancy fancy

utfitsLast week I had to attend a formal awards ceremony with work and so it was a rush job from the desk to the event on a Friday evening. Now I don't really do 'formal', and wearing a floor length gown wasn't really an option for me so I went with a very safe black dress (I love my black) with long sleeves to counteract the short dress length and a simple clutch. It was also a good excuse to wear my new (massive - but managed to walk in them) black velvet platforms. I accessorised with my rings, frizzy hair and chipped nail varnish..!

The event was really enjoyable and Nick Hewer (Lord Sugar's right-hand man in The Apprentice) did the guest speech which was very inspiring.

If only I could have accessorised with these Miu Miu beauties...

Monday, 5 September 2011

Pink Cotton

A lot of people I know dislike Fearne Cotton - I can kinda understand why they might but I've always quite liked her (well not personally obviously because I don't know the girl!) I've always liked that she is really into rock and roll but in a genuine way (not in a poser Taylor Momsen way), she's quite boy-ish, she embarassed herself in a normal person way by being starstruck when she met Robert Plant (bitch :P) and I love her style. She seems like one of those girls who would be a fun mate. 

Anyway, there are pictures around today of her new pink hair for her 30th birthday - love it. 

I would love to do this to my hair but I destroyed it so badly through years of bleaching that I will only dye my roots now (it is growing quite long now I'm repairing it) so if I dye it all over again it will probably fall out. Can always don a pink wig when I feel in the mood a la New Years Eve a couple of years ago...

And she's going out with Ronnie Wood's son now?? What a cow :P (and I mean that in a nice way haha)

Feng Shui my Life

This is the kind of loser-y shit I text my boyfriend when he's away on tour to say good luck for a gig... 
The cheese was the most suitable image for this post though..

I hate September. I always find that the moment September arrives the sky immediately gets darker early and it starts to immediatly rain more and you can just tell that summer is gone gone gone - and summer was shit this year anyway! Apart from a beautiful holiday I don't feel like I enjoyed any sun at all. 

Anyway - I have a tendency to get the post summer blues when it starts to get dark and so I'm on a mission to avoid that happening this year by having a little bit of a life Feng Shui to remove all the clutter, carry on with my projects and get fit.

I started by having a ruthless cull of my wardrobe yesterday which did not make me feel calm when my room ended up like this -

But I ended up with FIVE bags of clothes to throw out (yes I was very ruthless!) one huge bag of summer clothes to put in the loft (sob sob) and another bag of nicer stuff to give away to friends and put on eBay. My room is still full of bags and shoe boxes but once I have cleared them away my de-clutter will be sorted.

During the wardrobe cull I stopped to take a break and went to a street dance class with my friend Amy (she features a lot in my behind the scenes images for Little Wing - awesome make up artist, check her out here). A little fact about me is that years ago (for about 12 years) I danced a lot - to the point I was going to go to stage school and try to start a career as a performer (I will put a hilarious video of me dancing on the Michael Barrymore show online one day - if I ever work out how to do it!). But I quit to explore the qualifications route which I think in the end was the best choice but whenever I talk about dancing I feel really sad! So I was overjoyed to go to a dance class again - first in about six years! Street dance wasn't my strongest point - I was more of a jazz and lyrical dancer, but it's always enjoyable. And the dance was to Moves Like Jagger, what could be better on a Sunday afternoon. My muscles are KILLING me today though. 

To extend my new plan to get fit and remove my newly formed flab I have also joined the gym. Like dancing, I haven't been to the gym in years and I used to really enjoy it. It's true - exercise gives you endorphins! So I'm hoping the monthly expense of the membership will motivate me to get my arse in gear and not be lazy.

Finally, I plan to get a move on with Little Wing Bridal and have put some shoots and wedding fair dates in the diary for the winter, woohoo.

I'm hoping all of this will keep me occupied enough that I won't give a shit about the darkness and cold outside. Until Christmas, I love the cold at Christmas :)... agh man I can't wait until Christmas!