Monday, 31 January 2011

ain't it good to be alive

So over the last couple of days I've read about the stirring rumours that the Stones may be headlining Glastonbury. Ok, so this happens most years but it seems to be a bit of a big possibility this year from recent interviews. Tickets are sold out and the re-release of cancelled tickets go in a bloody flash. I will be ridiculously gutted if this turns out to be true!

Anyway, on that subject, here's Angie for your enjoyment.

pucci spring

Pucci's SS11 collection is so dreamy and so wearable, I'm in love.

(this may seem like a hypocritical post considering my declaration that I'm not big on designers and think a lot of them are uninspiring and overpriced but please note I said 'a lot', not all.... but even though this is a beautiful collection it's still ridiculously overpriced... but then that's the whole point of aspirational clothing isn't it I guess... la la la)

Sunday, 30 January 2011

January haul

I've given my blog a little title make-over today, fancied a bit of a change for Spring.. wonder where I got the inspiration for the font from!

I've been quite naughty and bought myself too many treats this month and I'll be doing a big ebay sale this week to try and make up for it. My VW wellies arrived on Saturday and I love them, they also smell of bubblegum which was a bit of a surprise - nice attention to detail! They also have a built sole that pushes your instep up which is great for me because I have sickle feet. My advice to anyone thinking on buying the VW Melissa shoes though is to get a size bigger - I took a chance and bought them a size too big just incase they fit like real wellie boots and they definitely come up small because the size up fits me perfectly. I don't think it would be the same with the heels though. I have my eye on a couple of others now.... uh oh!

I also bought some red patent clogs in the Kurt Geiger sale the other week, very naughty of me but Linda, who does make up on my photoshoots, showed them to me and I just had to have them. I think they'll look adorable in the spring with a skinny cropped jean and a breton top. They were about £100 off too so how could I not?

And finally I bought a cute little jacket in the H&M sale. I'm a sucker for a good jacket. 

Love Chloe

I have a real love for great branding, aside from the fact I have to think about it all the time anyway for work.  And mannn I love the way that Chloe is branded. Their campaigns and look books are always so beautifully chic and inspiring (and makes me think of Charlie perfume!) I'm not really big on designer brands, I think a lot of them are pretty uninspiring and ridiculously overpriced, but Chloe is actually one that I would love to buy into if I could - not for the name but because their clothes are so delicious. 

Friday, 28 January 2011


So yesterday I got a long awaited promotion at work which was a lovely ending to the week. I've been dealt some incredibly lucky cards since my last year of uni, despite the fact I may moan a lot when I'm knackered I do feel so grateful and lucky to have landed the job that I have. 

So I got myself a little congratulatory present and ordered the gold Vivienne Westwood glitter boots from my post lat week, picking them up from the post office tomorrow! They may, strictly speaking, be wellies but I'm a magpie for anything glittery and gold, and errr - they're boots! And on a practical note they will be a dream come true come festival season. 

Sunday, 23 January 2011

put your gold boots on

Sunday night - hoping the coming week will be another good one, I had been so worried about the dull-ness of the New Year that I'm hoping to hold on to the good times (please stay away winter blues!). Had a photoshoot on Monday that finished a little early so I had a drink with an old friend in Parsons Green. They've just moved there, lucky bugger. I love that area so I'm glad that work takes me there every so often, really nice pubs and I always enjoy the walk through the park in the morning.

Went to a great little bar called Glo Glo's on Thursday night after work, they have amazing cocktails and a menu of Tokyo street food. I spent the night on the Applegrass cocktail, which was delicious. I wasn't brave enough to try the many cocktails made with egg whites...

Also had leaving drinks for a friend of mine who was my manager at my previous job, she's been thinking of moving into something new for a while so I'm really happy for her.

I always look forward to seeing what Nicky will be wearing when I see her, she has the greatest, quirky style. She made the fan she has in her hair and she had a huge fur coat that she got from her Grandma's wardrobe. 

Cracked out the gold boot beauties for the occasion, they hurt like all hell but I love them so damnit I'll wear them anyway!

On another note, I've been getting back into Pearl Jam again lately, Alive has been on a bit of a loop on my Ipod this week. Despite what the song's about I find it so uplifting, I find it quite hard not to sing loudly to it and throw my arms in the air when I'm walking home, haha loser. Had a great Alive sing-a-long moment at Download last year with Froucy when it came on in the 'after hours' tent, good times. 

Bit o' bling

Loving Galibardy right now, it's a really reasonably priced costume jewellery brand with cool and quirky designs, check these out:

Guitar case necklace £35, feather necklace £14, tiger bite ring £18, rock-paper-scissors necklace £21

Very tempted by this buffalo necklace, only £18 - bring on pay day. They also do some pretty cool skull rings but I don't think I could get another one now, I think once you go Frog you can't go back!

Visit them HERE!

Saturday, 22 January 2011

Amas Veritas

This morning, while I was having a day off loud music singalong, "If you ever did believe" by Stevie Nicks came on and I had a nostalgia trip to when I was about 12 and in love with Practical Magic. Thinking about it, Gillian Owens (Nicole Kidman) was probably my first style icon, I was totally into her and she led me into a bit of a bead necklace, sarong experimental phase. And she made me feel good for having red hair haha.

Oh yeah, and Jimmy Angelov was HOT. I'm off to find my DVD..

I love this scene, after she drugs Jimmy and drives for hours in her car singing along to Case of You :)

Wednesday, 19 January 2011


While searching for an ashy blonde colour guide for my summer hair salon trip (yes I only really ever have my hair coloured properly twice a year because I'm too poor) I came aross this chick, Margaux Lonnberg. Aside from the fact her hair (3rd photo) is exactly what I'm after she is pretty damn wicked (if a bit on the uber skinny side). And the Kiss jacket - wowoww!

Boot lust

Surprisingly I've been a bit quiet on the boot front since December and Christmas took away all my money. I am completely broke and haven't even been shopping this month, but I'm undulging in some virtual boot therapy and making a pay day wish list...

(top to bottom: River Island x 2, Topshop, Vivienne Westwood and Melissa, Ebay x 2)

I'm on the hunt for a red boot at the moment so the Ebay boots are a given if the bidding doesn't get much higher. Otherwise the gold VW mini wellies are high on my list (practical and quirky!) and also the cream River Island boots. *scuttles off to check bank balance... sob sob*

Sunday, 16 January 2011

Some man candy for a Sunday afternoon...

Possibly one of the hottest music video moments. Can I get a 'JOEEE PERRY!' (Froucy will truely understand this reference hehe)

Oh tieee

I'm having one of those experimental phases where you know you will look back and think 'why on earth did I think that looked ok??'. At the moment it is with ties - without shirts. I don't know what possessed me but I added an old, man's tie to my jumper and jeans on New Years Eve and then for a night out last night I added one to a bandeau top. I just kind of liked it, although looking back on it this morning I think it was bit a of a bad choice! I'm sure that won't stop me next time, I have a bright yellow one with little blue flowers on that I'm waiting to crack out.

(excuse the very dirty mirror and teef-flashing, I'm no good at 'outfit' photos as you can see)

Saturday, 15 January 2011


Classic Rock is a blinder this month. Phil Lynott, Keef and Metallica all on the cover, gold. 

So the new Thin Lizzy tour that was announced last year has come around although only two of them are classic band members. I was a bit tempted to go a London show when I saw how awesome the setlist is but for me no Lynott, no Lizzy - not that I was even around when he was alive! But I can't imagine it being as great without his unique sound. James Hetfield was heavily influenced by him ya know, listen to the 'have mercy mercyyy' line in Angel of Death, so funny.

 I bet it's a great show though. Dad was chatting the other day about hanging out with the band back in the day (which I'm sure I've previously mentioned), Phil Lynott gave them all spliffs and he got a drumstick. Which is apparently still in the loft somewhere, I think I should go on a hunt...

Speaking of Thin Lizzy... WANT WANT -

Fringed Thin Lizzy cut off tee - Tee and Cake £22

127 Hours

I had a pretty great week this week, well I judge it as a pretty great week because I felt great at the end of it which marks a change!

One of the highlights so far is seeing 127 hours, the new Danny Boyle film about Aron Ralston, on Thursday night. Obviously you go in there knowing how the story ends but it really was, in my opinion, a fantastic film. And the 'arm' scene wasn't as bad as I thought it would be but (I won't give anything away) the screeching guitar sound was the most perfect sound effect I've ever heard in a movie, watch it and you will know what I mean!

What really made the film for me was the ending and the epic Sigur Ros song used for the rescue scene. It's not often I watch the end of a film with a massive smile on my face. It was so motivating and uplifting, just goes to show what a great piece of music can do. Been thinking about it ever since!

Ohh, and James Franco.... schwinggg!

Festival - Sigur Ros (7.30 minutes in... wow)

Friday, 14 January 2011


Loving this rain mac from the new Topshop collection. Very Don't Look Now. I'd like to dash through the streets of Venice in it (without the troll part...)

Wednesday, 12 January 2011

I've started a (what is still a pretty small) record collection over the last couple of years since my mum gave me some old Black Sabbath, Hawkwind and Lynyrd Skynyrd records. I've added to them from this an awesome shop in Reading called The Sound Machine that has stacks of old records. My boyfriend and I had the most fun routing around in there. I got the Saxon Denim and Leather vinyl, Freebird Lynyrd Skynyrd and Deep Purple In Rock. And for my last birthday the boyfriend got me a Bat out of Hell Meatloaf record and the Jimi Hendrix Concerts. I'm now looking to add some Led Zeppelin and, of course, some Stones. 

But my real hunt is now for a bloody record player. We used to have one that mum played all of hers on, but unfortunately it died a sad death years ago, so now I'm really keen to get a new one so I can actually play them rather than have them sitting here tempting me. Old music sounds so much better when it sounds old!

Sunday, 9 January 2011

right across the board...

I need to return an unwanted Christmas gift from Tatty Devine (not one of my own, one I gave to someone else!) and thought I may as well treat myself and make it an exchange. For those of you who haven't heard of Tatty Devine, they make really awesome lazer cut jewellery. I did work experience there a few years back and they were also a lovely bunch of people.

Anyway, I had a browse of the site and came across a new edition of their volume button brooch.....

.... that goes up to eleven!
Now as an uber Spinal Tap fan this is obviously the one for me, so an exchange it is. It will go straight on the lapel of my pleather jacket and stay there. How fun!

They have a great sale on at the moment,  check it out here. Some of the stuff I bought for presents is now on half price sale, damn!

If my check-shirt-loving boyfriend wore brooches I would buy him this -

when it's raining, it's pouring...

... ohh what to wearrr! I am in the New Year what to wear rut. I wake up so early that I can barely function in the morning, let alone think about what to wear and when it's cold and rainy all I can bear to do snuggle up in a jumper, jeans and blazer as standard. Works - but gets a bit boring. And when you have a wardrobe that looks like this it can be quite hard to rifle through and find anything (unless I decided to wear flowers and feathers to work...)

Even my shoes are falling through the slats... I think I need to do some diy soon..

Anyway, as part of my new years resolution I'm planning lots of fun times where I can bust all of my fun stuff out. The rest is on hold until the glorious summer :).

I bought the heart print dress from my Chelsea Girl post, it looks so nice with my overworn navy jacket and blue velvet platforms I got a couple of months back (two sizes too small but I loved them so much I made them fit).

Excuse my manky bobbly tights (and poor indoor photography).

Thursday, 6 January 2011

Wild thing, you make my heart sing

And another awesome collection from Wildfox and they always have the coolest images to go with. The SS11 collection is a winner (I love it even more than the shoot they did with that Allie chick from The Hills that I loved so). I just want to buy it all. That cream dress, the daisy motif, the lightning t shirt - ohhhh!

My favourite looks: -

Images from / Wildfox