Thursday, 30 September 2010

The Pay Day Pull

I have so many things I want to write about but, alas, the internet at my house seems to have broken so I haven't been able to log on for the last few evenings - always when you actually want to write stuff eh. So I can only sneak in a few peeks here and there at work. 

It's pay day, and as a result I'm ummming and ahhhing over all of the things that are still on mental shopping list. Car just failed it's MOT (as usual) with a few hundred pounds worth of repairs so surely I should this on the back burner, but I'm currently on the edge of buying this fringed jacket on the h&m site....

... a fringed jacket is on my mental shopping list btw so surely that's fine right :P?

Anyway, hopefully my internet will return soon and I will be back!

Saturday, 25 September 2010

The Lust List - October

My wish list for next month. Wish being the most realistic word. Although the skull ring is already on my Christmas list.

 Snake print scarf - Reiss
Feather necklace - Reiss

Leather buckle Chelsea boots - Clarks (you'd think after three pairs I would be tired of the Chelsea boot but apparently not!)

Skull ring - The Great Frog, London

Fur collar pea coat and black patent Mary Janes - both Topshop


Once again I have given my blog a little makeover. I can never make my mind up, can you tell  :P? But this will be it x

Sunday, 19 September 2010

LA lady

Loving the hippy themes showing in some of the SS11 collections. Nice to see Joni Mitchell inspirations from Twenty8Twelve and Anna Sui too (I do love that woman). 

Favourites are these looks from the Unique show - LOVE LOVE LOVE. Although it is slightly annoying when your interests become mainstream fashion trends - I do not mean that in an elitist way whatsoever, about a million girls are into the look I am into and the 'boho' look never dies, but still - it's not great to look like a fashion victim. On the good side however there will be plenty of fringed goodies and round glasses for me to buy!

Topshop Unique SS11 (source: Very Penny Lane in Almost Famous <3

New Find

I love it when I come across new bands with an old sound - today I discovered Jettblack and immediately got on to telling Froucy about them - definitely one to get into! Check out 'Two Hot Girls' (below) and also 'Fooled By A Rose'

Saturday, 18 September 2010


So today I finally got my first tattoo. I have been wanting to get a tattoo based around the song 'Stone Free' for ages now, and seeing as today is the 40th anniversary of Hendrix's death I though it would be a pretty suitable date to get it. 

It's not really about him though as such. Stone Free really motivates me (check out the lyrics and you will see) to not worry so much about doing the right thing, what other people think etc (all to do with the anxiety issues I have that have been pretty overshadowing over the last few years - but I won't go into a typical ohhhh this is so meaningful tattoo story lol). The feather symbolises the freedom part (and is also a 'Little Wing' nod to the Hendrix theme) Yes, I really thought this through!

So there ya go. I was very anxious about it because although I have a pretty good tolerance for pain I have always had a fear of needles, so I did feel pretty sick when I woke up in anticipation of the 'unbearable pain' stories I had heard about rib tattoos. But it really wasn't that bad, after a while it started to really sting because my skin didn't take the ink very well so she had to go over the same lines again and again. Nothing that a couple of 'fucks' and plenty of silly face pulling didn't sort out! At the most painful point I actually laughed which is good!

So here is the finished item, by the lovely Hannah at Eternal Nirvana. I was originally planning a bigger design but went for something a bit more compact and simple in the end, was just right. 

40 years

rip <3

Monday, 13 September 2010

"They're bloody cardboard!"

So today was the first day off my week off work and I have to say I still felt stressed and anxious - because I was worried about work, lame huh? Off on a mini break with the boyfriend tomorrow though so hopefully I will be able to leave all the worries behind! Today was fun though, went to a theme park for some scary ride action, always a laugh although I think I've damaged my ears after a severe head bashing on one of them....

On another note, yesterday I discovered what is now (aside from the legendary Spinal Tap episode!) my favourite Simpsons episode - absolutely BRILLIANT! (I'm sorry to continually bore you with mentions of Keith Richards, I just love him ok? :P)

"It's only Rock and Roll camp!".... "But I like it!" YES!!

Watch it HERE

Sunday, 12 September 2010

Black Velvet

Very into this velvet blazer right now. Although I can be a bit one-trick when it comes to these, I literally live in jeans, Chelsea boots and blazer. Rather Jimi <3

This is my great friend Lucy, she's a babe. Our Friday night consisted of copious amounts of wine, guitar leg strumming and loud drums. What could be better?

Monday, 6 September 2010

I am terrible

New month, new boots - of course!

Love them, another pair of really versatile boots.

Oh yeah, I also got a pair of burgundy heeled Chelsea boots. You'd think I'd have had enough of the Chelsea.... apparently not!