Sunday, 31 October 2010

another one for the Christmas list

Cobra and Bellamy watch - YUM <3

You could be my flamingo

So last night was pretty much Halloween - after ditching a potential party idea where I was going to go in a skeleton printed all-in-one with a skull mask (which I have held on to, I'm SURE I will wear that baby at some point :P) I went out for a dinner and scary movie night with the man. I jumped so much at one point during Paranormal Activity 2 (cupboards, that's all I need to say) that I pulled a muscle in my leg - and walked out of the cinema with a limp! 

Anyway - I barely ever wear pink. I don't even feel very comfortable in dresses nowadays - can't really do the girly thing at the moment! But I bought this pink sweater yesterday to bring some more cute-ness into my wardrobe. Wore it out for date night and added a little homage to Halloween with some skulls <3

Skull knuckle duster - McQueen

Monday, 25 October 2010

cobra snake for a neck tie

Remembered this song today - haven't heard it in forever. Mum introduced me to it years and years ago and it was one of our favourites to dance around to. 

Who Do You Love - Juicy Lucy

Sunday, 24 October 2010

one to add to the mental wish list

If I get my ass in gear and sell some old clothes on eBay to make up the money, I will treat myself to this next month

fun n frolics

Complete lack of updates this week, have the worst internet connection at the moment. I'm having to sit with my laptop hooked up the router so internet sessions have been short and not often. 

Alter Bridge were a-ma-zing as always on Friday. They didn't play my two favourite songs from the new album but it was still awesome, great sound and atmosphere - I just love the atmosphere at gigs. Feel completely in my element. 

Tube times with the man, the new fringed jacket has crept its way into this pic.

And on Saturday Froucy and I hit up the most amazing fancy dress store to find stuff for the Alice Cooper gig. One of the funniest, if not morbid, moments was Froucy coming up to me and saying "When I die, can you please get me a glittery headstone? Hang on - I'll go grab it"...."see, and it's only a tenner! I'll make sure I put that aside in my will."

And here it is...

Saturday night was lots of fun spent eating Chinese takeaway with my guy's family, watching x-factor and ranting over the bad outfits and slaughtering of Led Zeppelin. 

I don't want the weekend to end. 

Sunday, 17 October 2010

nine days

"I used up my nine lives long ago. But here I am. I'm still playing, I'm still rocking and still rolling. And I survive to tell this tale. I hope you enjoy it."

Just. A. Bit. Excited.

And on another note, it's only a couple of weeks until Froucy and I go to see Alice Cooper at the Roundhouse - CAN'T WAIT. Currently on the look out for the perfect 'fancy dress' outfit - got my eye on an awesome black wig. I fancy being a completely different person for the night, how fun!

Saturday, 16 October 2010

silver machine

Just purchased these rather ancient looking silver boots for a fiver on ebay. They're kinda hideous but I like it! Often when I'm all in black I think that a pair of metallic boots would just do the trick. So naturally I bought some! Seller was called Metal Guru as well, I think it's a sign. 



Finally Alter Bridge's third album, simply titled ABIII, is out. Having been a massive fan since their earlier days I have been anticipating the release for a long time and I'm not disappointed! I had read in interviews prior to the release that the third album was supposed to be a lot 'darker' than their previous stuff - it isss, but it's classic Alter Bridge - which is never a bad thing. Highlights for me so far (bound to change once I have listened to the album a lot more) are 'Show Me A Sign' (awesome riff and so Tremonti sounding that you would know it's Alter Bridge within the first five bars) Wonderful Life (typical AB ballad but I love it, despite the cheesy lyrics), All Hope Is Gone and Life Must Go On (beautiful acoustic part at the beginning). Slip To The Void is the perfect opener to the album with some awesome shreds. 

Going to see them again next week - sold out show at the Hammersmith Apollo wt! So glad that they're getting the success they deserve (probably owing a lot to Myles' stint with Slash - which was amazing) but I do miss the old days back in 05/6 when they played the small venues and we could stand at the front bar (and get a a ticket..) Can't wait to see them play a big venue. 

Oh yeah, I also think Myles is one of the most beautiful men I have ever seen...

Wednesday, 13 October 2010

Today's boot lust

Added to the boot wish list... although I think at least 2 must be purchased at some point (the blue ones :D)


Sunday, 10 October 2010

metal guru

I take a lot of style inspiration from fabulous men. Aside from Keef and Jimi (as if you hadn't guessed already :P) I  lurve love Marc Bolan's style, and this started back when I was little and thought the dude was a lady...

Back in the day my mum got this Virgin records Glam Rock video to take her back to her glam rockin' twenteens and this is now a real childhood memory for me (except the video was tragically eaten by my VHS player two years ago *wipes tear*. I was mesmorised by Gary Glitter's huge silver platforms and the tiger motif bodysuit that Brian Connolly wore in a live performance of 'Hellraiser'. I did some drawings for an imaginary label called 'Jeepster' that largely consisted of flares and top hats with big mirror discs a-la Slade, ha if only I could do that in reality. 

But the one thing, perhaps not particularly exciting, that has stuck with me is the outfit that Marc Bolan wore in a video for 'Get it On'. I have never found a replica of that Rupert the Bear t-shirt. If anybody knows where I can find one of these please tell me immediately and I will forever be in your debt! Tee hee.

Check it out here:

free cocktails, party rings and Disney

Had the best night last night. Went to a fabulous cocktail bar in London with Froucy (view here blog here it's good!) and her flatmates. Had free cocktails, the yummiest being a short amaretto sweet one which was heaven and a tall slushy mint one - simply gorgeous! After that Froucy and I went onto a friend's birthday house party where we stayed up until the early hours having too much Cava, dancing to cheesy classics and doing elaborate performances of various Disney songs! I love that Disney never grows old and that I can still leap around singing songs from The Lion King in my twenties :P

Froucy and I stayed in Mat's bed and woke up to Jim Morrison, never a bad thing.

Wednesday, 6 October 2010


Patti <3

On another note, the fringed jacket has been purchased.. 

Monday, 4 October 2010

Today's boot lust

I have been searching for a pair of boots exactly like this for agesss. And finally found them at Jones the Bootmaker. At £99 I may be waiting a while for them, unless I can make a nice sum on ebay this week. They will be mine! (YES, they are another pair of Chelsea boots. I should name my blog "Eleanor Put Your Chelsea Boots On"...)

Sunday, 3 October 2010

Live like a Cavewoman

For some reason I wasn't my usual negative self this week - it's like someone spiked my drink with a happy pill. I think the fact things had calmed down on the stress front at work really really helped, but I had a really positive week. And, unusually, I got to catch up with so many friends on three occasions. So I don't have my usual Sunday night blues - it feels good! I only hope it lasts..

Anyway, in order to try and retain this new-found positivity I'm going to try being a Cavewoman. Haha, no not literally. I read a very interested article in Glamour magazine about how if women who suffer from anxiety, stress and fatigue would only live like the Cave-folk did then they would all be happier and healthier. Read about it all in the article here. It's pretty obvious stuff like not eating hydrogenated foods, loads of sugar and caffeine, getting exercise and actually going out and seeing people - but I need to start doing all of these things and plus - I like the cavewoman spin! Let's see if it works, and lasts!

my space

Just a little peek inside my little room. I've been back at home for a year after having my own house for three, I really miss the space so I pay a lot of attention to the little details in my small space to make it my own. 

I love vintage photos and these frames were just perfect for them. The frame is from M&S.

My mini Harley

My love for animal prints and sequins extends to my room as well as my wardrobe. This is the comfiest throw ever. 

This champagne has been here for nearly a year... just waiting for the right excuse to crack it open. So for now it can be used as a door stop...

Few vinyls from my (very small) collection

And the jumbled Narnia tiny room in the wall that is my closet. You can stand up in here and get lost at the back.