Saturday, 26 February 2011

Chchchchch Cherry Bomb

Had a great night on Wednesday with Froucy eating pizza and popcorn and watching The Runaways. We missed it at the cinema because it was hardly showing anywhere near where we live but the DVD release came round pretty quickly. 

What a feast of glam, glitter and platforms! The movie plot (obviously based on the real Runaways) was pretty average and it did feel like the film ended without a lot really happening but it was really enjoyable none the less and the soundtrack and costumes were immense. I had major boot lust for Cherie's silver knee high platforms... fancy dress shop here I come, I have already found a pair. I can't believe Dakota Fanning was only 15/16 when this was made!

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Georgina said...

Get em!

Elle said...

:o they're amazing but I have no money until tomorrow, noooo!