Wednesday, 9 February 2011

I am woman... and nothing else matters

I ADORE this new image from the SS11 French Connection campaign ("You are woman?"). Not only is the photography and outfit beautiful but it's so real! Yes, I may look like a beautiful stylish lady but I like BIG BURGERS and licking ketchup off my hands. She seems like my kinda girl. It's also reminded me I have a dress like that lurking in my wardrobe, hurry up summer.

On a slightly 'I am man' note, I was going to post some music which I haven't done in a while and the song reminded me of this photo from Soniphere festival 09, not my finest moment - not only do Jozef and I look ridiculously awkward - but I look just a little bit like a dude. Lady looks like a dudee! But obviously coming across Metallica's gear was one of my finest moments, I should have taken Froucy's advice and nicked one of Rob's basketball vests from the 'wardrobe' box...

Anyway, song of choice for today, my favourite song in the world. Metallica were the first band that really got me into music. I was watching a show at school that my sister was in and two guys played a guitar set and they sung this song and I was completely taken. So I begged for some allowance money (I think I was about 13 so this was in the days of complete parental reliance!) and bought the Black album and that's when my love affair with Metallica started! Yeahh, they have some cliche songs (Sandman anyone?) and please forget St Anger ever happened, but if you listen to some of the not so well known stuff you will see they really are the dogs bollocks. The S&M album also shows what brilliant musicians they are. When they played this at Sonisphere that year my boyfriend put me on his shoulders, what a guy - I literally nearly killed him, or broke his back, but it was the best fest moment ever.

Anyway, gushing rant over, enjoy x

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