Wednesday, 25 August 2010


My new purchases from Marc by Marc Jacobs. LOVE

Wednesday, 18 August 2010

Bit o' Humble Pie

I really find that dancing around, alone, is like the best cure for stress ever . Seriously, it's the best. Got a fun rest of the week planned (well besides the daily slog up to the city ha), so i've been hunting around in my wardrobe full of goodies (it really is full of goodies, I never realised I have so many crazy things to wear) for some new things to wear this week. For tomorrow night I have dug out my GOLD heeled ankle boots. Yes they are hideous, well probably to everyone else but I love hideous, they make me think of Ziggy Stardust. 

Discovered something today that would be just perrrfect for me, that I probably stand no chance of achieving but along with other recent discussions could, eventually, make things fall into place. Fingers and toes, fingers and toes!

Ohh I may have to have a blood test, this makes me sad :(.  

My crazy-dancing-around soundtrack for this evening:

Monday, 16 August 2010

Could do a vom over this...

So last night I get into bed to read the special Jimi Hendrix special in the latest copy of NME. Now I have never bought NME because, as is probably obvious, I am not really into new music and I also find trendy indie music and the people in that scene kind of irritating. But the Jimi special enticed me. So I had a gloss over while I was drifting off and then saw an article that woke me right up - 

The greatest guitarist of all time as voted by NME readers..... some guy from the fucking HORRORS!

I was appalled. And this increased my disliked for the 'new music' scene and it's followers even more - what on earth? To be fair I have never even listened to the Horrors but I could guarantee you that the floppy straightened haired fellow on the page does not deserve to even be there, let alone number 1!

Just to highlight the atrocity - Jimi was 4th, Slash was 8th, Brian May was 14th and beloved Keef was 15th.... I have no more to say on the matter....

Sunday, 15 August 2010



I have so much respect for Keith Richards. Up with Marianne and Jimi he is one my ultimate idols. I don't really like the word idol but I can't think of a better word right now. Eagerly anticipating the release of his autobiography in October. 

Jagger may have inspired the licks logo and may be the front man but the song writing talent lies with Keith. He is one of only true rhythm and blues artists left, you'll never get another like him. And the rare time you hear him sing - he may be a bit 'iffy' but that's what makes him so brilliant, in my opinion. 

I find something so fabulous about him too, and I find him highly quotable. Like in 'Gimme Shelter' when they arrive at the hotel "Is anybody in, is my local groupie in? Hello darrrrling, how are you?!". And of course this:

I often find myself quoting "Ohh what to wearrr?!" - haha brilliant! And of course it goes without saying that Keith is (one of) the kings of style rightt?

Finally, wanted to share a song I'm completely in love with at the moment. Originally from the 'Voodoo Lounge' album, I have it on repeat. Keith goes country, and it's perfect. 

Saturday, 14 August 2010

Today's boot lust

Obviously I can't buy every pair of boots I lust over but these are now near the top of my list (yet again, from Topshop). There's something so 60s/70s about them and they would be the perfect compliment to my fail safe standard jeans and blazer. Hmmm *rubs chin and mulls over purchase*

made up my mind, make a new start

I really enjoy Saturday mornings when I can wake up at an earthly hour and actually have some time to myself. Last five days have been a killer, been feeling pretty down at the moment along with getting home late and working so hard. Friday was a good'un though, got out and felt like myself again.

As usual, I'm having a Saturday music-morning. I get up, put on some good music, do whatever stuff I have to do (this morning is cleaning) and air drum/guitar and sing away. Don't you just love how music can make you feel so inspired?

Thursday, 12 August 2010


What a great choice of title eh? Would you believe it - this post is about hair! Something that I have slowly ruined on my own head since I was about 14. The result is that I now have a thin, dry head of over processed hair that I disguise with hair extensions (many people are fooled mwahaha).

So even though I can't really do too much with my hair because I don't have a nice healthy mane to experiment with, I'm always lusting over hairstyles that I can dream of having. My current hair obsessions are two tone hair and... well obviously Freja Beha, like thousands of other women in the world.

Freja's hair is just lush. I love that it can either look so 70s/classic or it can look totally rock n roll. If I had this hair I wouldn't have the problem that I have of always looking girly, when generally I don't really dress girly - it would just work with everything.

Wouldn't mind her face either!

So massive roots are meant to be a big no-no, but when they have grown out to the point that they look like natural growth and have a two-tone look I think they look awesome! Drew's hair looks amazing here. This is something that I could realistically achieve, as her hair is already similar to mine here. But it would either take a great colourist or a good year or so to get roots like that. And so I start the hunt for a colourist who can work magic and re-create this!

Sunday, 8 August 2010

Eleanor put your new boots on

The boot addiction continues, I really do have a problem. While walking home from the station yesterday I strolled through Marks and Spencer - and left with a pair of ankle biker boots. Went back the next day to compare some sizes, saw a new pair of lace up rivet boots (have been looking for some like this for a while) - and bought those too. Jeez, I need some boot therapy. They will both be worn to death though, and they were cheap so I figure that's fine :p.

You can close your eyes

Don't you ever just long for a simpler time? I was looking at an old school book of mine from when I was about five or six the other day. Every day I had written about what I had done and drew a picture to go with it. One day in particular made me feel so sad, something along the lines of "Later on I played with my toys, then mummy played with me and I had my tea and went to bed."

Obviously not the most exciting of days by adult standards, but I felt really sad to think of how innocent and happy those days were before the time of stressful jobs, no time to yourself, worry and anxiety. That's life though eh, this is what inevitably faces you and unfortunately I'm not one of those people who can easily take life in their stride and feel positive about everything.

This is how I usually feel on a Sunday, when another week of work is looming. But I have so much to look forward to, the world is my oyster and there is so much I plan to do but there are always obstacles and let downs. Ahh well, I know I will pull something out of the bag soon, I usually manage to :).

Joni and James are always best for moods like this

Tuesday, 3 August 2010

Must have...

Loving these together (both Topshop), I want! Although I'm not sure if my lack of funds will allow for expensive purchases..

Monday, 2 August 2010

Bruce said it right

Part way through the Iron Maiden set at Sonisphere Bruce Dickinson made a little speech about how if the mainstream media of today had its way then all of the music we were there to love and enjoy would be ignored and bigged up everybody there to just love the music and carry it on.

"If we left it up to the media and the BBC no-one would know about this music. If heavy metal bands ruled the world we'd be a lot better off. There would be more a lot more drinking and a lot more shagging and nursery rhymes would sound like this."

Bruce, I applaud you. Again. x

Sonisphere 2010

Second, and probably last festival of the year. Fan-bloody-tastic. Despite the fact I woke up on the Friday morning with some kind of tummy bug and felt the whole weekend feeling sick (thanks fate, would have to happen when I actually have some time off work to have some fun and actually have time to do something!)

Anyway, the highlights of the weekend were Alice Cooper and his crazy on stage antics, sitting on a random guy's shoulders for 'I'm Eighteen', wicked sets from friends bands Sylosis and Rinoa, Swiftcover jokes at Iggy Pop and best of all the ever fabulous Motley Crue who I now love even more than I did before. Read Nikki Sixx's Heroin Diaries recently so I was even more in awe of him when he came out on the stage. How he is still alive I just don't know! Great set, singing all the songs, loads of dancing and pre-show Motley Striping. Just great!

Now I'm back home with the familiar post-festival blues..

A few photos below (check out the one below, I did manage to get some boots straps!)