Monday, 30 January 2012

Little Wing has moved

Little Wing has moved - you can now see what's new and order via the new blog. Please follow and spread the word!

Saturday, 28 January 2012

Valentino HC12

Dream wedding dress <3

Walk Off The Earth

My friend posted this on her Facebook wall this week and it's so good I can't stop playing it. Half the world has seen this already but I had to share anyway. The blonde girl looks so much like my friend Georgie that it's a bit freaky.

Wednesday, 25 January 2012


I have only just joined Pinterest but I'm already obsessed. It's a (in some way) lifesaver!

I spend the majority of my free time hunting for inspiration for projects and I've ended up using up most of my computer memory on saving images - and then there's the hassle of trying to source and save all of the credits - which often never happens. So when I found Pinterest I was over the moon. Find an image online? Pin it straight away to one of your boards and it saves the source for you. And then when you need to use them they're right there to swipe and source. Online mood boards - I am so excited by this website!

Sunday, 22 January 2012

Snake Bite


Cracked out my new snake print suede biker jacket for a gig last night. First time at Thekla in Bristol, it's a club on a boat - quite a novelty!

Saturday, 21 January 2012

4th and Bleeker

Massive style crush on Alexandra Spencer of 4th and Bleeker <3


One of the areas of my new job role is music. Music is already a massive part of my life but this now means I have to expand my horizons and step out of the old school rock and roll bubble that my musical taste exists in and start looking at more obscure and current bands...

Anyway this is not relevant to new and current bands but, on the subject, I've been hunting around for cool tracks suitable for show videos and getting reacquainted with the gorgeous-ness that is Maya Von Doll, of the Soho Dolls. She's now branched out on her own doing solo work (I was horrified to discover that she'd co-written that shitty Nicola Roberts 'Beat Of My Drum' song but we'll look past that..), but anywayyy - let's just marvel at her awesomeness -

Wednesday, 18 January 2012

All about the eyes

Ever since my little experiment with starry eyes on New Year's Eve I've been wanting to go crazy with eye make-up. Although I haven't had another dressed up night out since (ohhh January you rubbish too-poor-to-go-out-dancing month) but come February I will hopefully be going out on the town and rocking something like this...

Monday, 16 January 2012

Fanny's Antiques

This weekend I paid a visit to Fanny's Antiques, an antique shop tucked away in a residential road round the corner from my house. It's a bit of a treasure trove, full of interesting pieces of old furniture and the prices are really reasonable.

A while back I blogged about wanting to find an old chest for my new bedroom... and I think this is the one (the chest on the bottom)!

It's such a great piece of furniture, my search is over! I'm praying that it will still be there when I get paid at the end of the month. I have to have it.

Here are a couple of other pieces I really liked, if I had my own house to myself I would most certainly be buying them, for now they are in my mental future-house wish list. Although I think I will definitly buy the retro 60s chair for my dressing table as it's only £25!

Speaking of interiors, I spent most of the day yesterday de-cluttering my room, adding extra pillows to make my bed cosy, framing my Samantha Morris 'Keep Glam and Rock On' print (a very fun Christmas present!) and clearing out cupboards and draws in preparation for my boyfriend moving in (there is literally nowhere for him to keep his clothes.. I have used all available space) - and it's amazing how a massive clear out can change your mood. I had a great night's sleep and woke up feeling a lot less negative. I spent the first two weeks of the new year feeling miserable and negative (and surrounded by clutter and mess). I took that away and re-arranged my room in the hope that the change would also change my 'mind-clutter' and so far it has worked. My own Feng Shui.

Highway Chile

This set is quite old, a Little Wing image shoot I did back in the summer, but I didn't put up the Hipstamatic photos I took, which I almost prefer to the main images. I love the hazy photo quality of retro cameras (even when they're digital!).

Photos: © Photos and styling / Eleanor Searle. Hair and make-up / Amy Brandon. 
Please do not repost images without credits.

Sunday, 15 January 2012

Little Wing Giveaway

The lovely Giselle from Style of a Fashionista wore the Little Wing ostrich feather earring in so many fabulous ways that I named it after her! Visit her blog now for a Little Wing giveaway, there are two Giselle earrings up for grabs!

And here's a peek at what's coming soon to Little Wing this week >>>

Wednesday, 11 January 2012

A little bit o'DIY

A couple of weeks ago I gave my bargain H&M jacket a bit of a makeover and went a bit mad with the studs. I had to stop myself before I studded everything else in my wardrobe!

God Gave Rock and Roll to You

Do you know what you want? You don't know for sure.
You don't feel right, you can't find a cure
And you're gettin' less than what you're lookin' for.

You don't have money or a fancy car.
When you're tired of wishin' on a falling star
You gotta put your faith in a loud guitar.

God gave rock and roll to you
Gave rock and roll to you,
gave rock and roll to everyone.

If you wanna be a singer, or play guitar
Man, you gotta sweat or you won't get far
Cause it's never too late to work nine-to-five.
You can take a stand, or you can compromise
You can work real hard or just fantasize
But you don't start livin' till you realize.

God gave rock and roll to you
Gave rock and roll to you,
gave rock and roll to everyone.

I know life sometimes can get tough!
And I know life sometimes can be a drag!
But people, we have been given a gift,
we have been given a road
And that road's name is... Rock and Roll!

Fuck the January blues. Play and sing this LOUD when if you feel like crap. 
March will come around in a jiffy :) fingers crossed.

Sunday, 8 January 2012

Ring-a-ling, Little Wing

New items online now at Little Wing

As it has always been, Little Wing is inspired by my friends and all the things that we love - but I'd love to hear what you all love too! I always like to be given a new jewellery 'challenge' so I'm always open to suggestions and inspiration.

Email to order and have a browse at

Thursday, 5 January 2012

They've done it again

...Wilfox have made another cracker! New White collection is based on My Little Ponies and Care Bears... Oh my goodness.

Sunday, 1 January 2012

Everybody's Starry Eyed

Glitter and stars were on the menu for NYE - as usual I was uninspiring in all black but wore my trusty silver glitter boots (a bargain from eBay). I think I have been wearing my pleather trousers (I have a few pairs that I rotate) too much because on one pair the knees have both ripped open at the seams and this pair has nearly split down the crotch!

For make up I had glitter eyes and gold stars underneath. Little confetti ones stuck on with eyelash glue.

Excuse my massive face...