Tuesday, 28 June 2011

Zeppelin Joy

Great drive home from work to this song this evening. Enjoy.

Sunday, 26 June 2011

Beyonce Blings

As I've been too lazy to move stuff around and re-connect the TV cable in my room I haven't been watching Glastonbury today. But I have had Beyonce on Spotify (a step away from my usual musical choices but she rocks!) and I just saw some pics from her performance. I wish I had the TV on - the gold sequin jacket is too good!

The Naughy Richard collection new at Little Wing

Well this is all good fun!

New collection of skeleton claw jewellery online now at Little Wing. I had fun making these! The Naughty Richard earring is for the humerous among you - the claw rests on ya chesticle!

Check them out at www.littlewing.bigcartel.com!

Monday, 20 June 2011

Going to the chapel and we're gonna get marrrrried!

My lovely friend Sarah's hen night took place on Saturday. I say hen night although it was pretty much a hen all-dayer. The bridesmaids did a fantastic job of arranging a very classy, but crazy-fun day.

First up was a very fancy afternoon tea at the Waldorf Hilton, so we stuffed our faces (politely) with scones and cream, mini cakes and finger sandwiches, all washed down with champagne and our own pot of tea - I don't drink tea so I went for peppermint.

Next up was a cocktail lesson at The Living Room - we made three each, a blackberry and rosemary fizz, a pomegranate/vodka one that I can't remember the name of and a classic mojito - my favourite! Considering the fact we had three each - and the remaining examples that the barman made - we were suitable drunk already. Then we drank lots of wine, ate loads of food and listened to a guy playing great music on the piano and singing.

All rounded off by dancing our socks off and lounging on lovely velvet beds in the underground jazz bar at Cafe de Paris! Perfect. The wedding is in a month - getting a bit nervous because I'm doing the reading! So honoured to be asked :).

The bride to be :)

Nice face Elle! And yes, I decided to dress like a lute player for the day. I was going to team it with my velvet and gold Blackadder looking jacket but thought that would probably be going a bit far...

Sunday, 19 June 2011

Working it

So, as I've been saying in my last few posts, last week was very hectic and full of major changes, all rounded off  with an awesome trip to Download!

I'm currently in love with the Celine cruise 2012 collection. The first one is my favourite: velvet, flares, a blazer and gold platforms all in one outfit - schwingg!

Friday, 17 June 2011

Blue jean baby, LA lady

So the ridiculously awesome Almost Famous inspired new look book from Wildfox has been doing massive blogger rounds for the last week or so and this week I also came across the White Label look book for fall - taking on 60s and 70s inspiration in a different way (think Nancy Sinatra and Bardot they say). I'm in love. And where can I get me a pair of those red velvet bell bottoms?! Now that you can buy Wildfox with free delivery in the UK, plus the fact that I have a new job means I'm saving hundreds of pounds of travel money every month, I may be treating myself to a couple of purchases in the near future....

Wildfox Fall 11 - like my daydreams in a clothing collection, hip hip hooray!

Wednesday, 15 June 2011

Fly on

Little Wing has had a small makeover, check it out. I can't wait to get some new imagery up on the site - we have a couple more shoots in the pipeline - one of which I'm particularly excited about styling. Think amps, guitars, fur and band-aids <3

Hippy Barthday

It was my birthday last week - although it fell during such a crazy week of my life (yet again - for another post) so I only celebrated for a few hours in the evening but it was really lovely. I was very lucky and got a new camera (my old one died :( ), the Celine-esque leather bag I posted about a while back from M&S (my untapped favourite!) and lots of other lovely goodies - including a book I had asked for about pop culture's addiction to reliving the past, which I think will be really interesting so I'll have to blog about it once I've read it. 

The boyfriend bought me the second series of Sons of Anarchy and I'm SO excited to start watching it but waiting for him to finish the first series - only four more episodes to go! He also got me a Kitson bracelet that I l'd seen and loved and without my knowledge - the Almost Famous extended collectors edition that I hadn't been able to find! I feel sorry for my over-watched normal edition now, cast aside! Boy done good. 

Monday, 13 June 2011

Exit Ten in Total Guitar magazine

My boyfriend and friend Joe are featured in Total Guitar magazine this month, discussing their band's new album and of course, some tech-y guitar stuff. The new album will be out in September and if you're going to Sonisphere this year they'll be playing on the Sunday - come along! Very proud x

Check them out on myspace

New at Little Wing!

New earrings and clip in feather hair extensions - including the neon feathers that Lucy and I wore at Download - the Twisted Sister!

The Great British Summer: Download 2011

So this weekend, after a absolutely manic week (save that for another post) Froucy and I headed off to Download Festival. What followed was an absolutely awesome couple of days (the rain was so torrential on Sunday that once we'd done the almost two hour walk to the car and back twice to drop our stuff back (oh how I miss guest camping!) we decided to head home as there weren't any bands we were dying to see on the Sunday). So instead we spent the four hour drive singing at the top of our voices and eating MacDonalds - too much fun.

Highlights of the weekend were definitely reliving our love for The Darkness and Def Leppard - an absolute Glam fest and so much fun singing along with the crowd - out of tune and not quite making the high notes as I have a low man voice. Twisted Sister (Dee Snider is SO terrifying!) and of course Alice Cooper on the Saturday were also amazing. Caught the end of System of a Down after Alice on the Saturday, a nostalgic trip back to the teen years!


The coloured feathers are coming to Little Wing very soon!

Will leave you with a video of The Darkness going on stage that I found on Youtube. I LOVE that they're back together, I enjoyed Hot Leg but didn't quite beat The Darkness. Always loved that they brought good old fashioned fun glam rock back into the music market when it was saturated with manufactured shite. Lucy and I are going to see them at their November tour - spandex and platforms at the ready!