Sunday, 9 January 2011

when it's raining, it's pouring...

... ohh what to wearrr! I am in the New Year what to wear rut. I wake up so early that I can barely function in the morning, let alone think about what to wear and when it's cold and rainy all I can bear to do snuggle up in a jumper, jeans and blazer as standard. Works - but gets a bit boring. And when you have a wardrobe that looks like this it can be quite hard to rifle through and find anything (unless I decided to wear flowers and feathers to work...)

Even my shoes are falling through the slats... I think I need to do some diy soon..

Anyway, as part of my new years resolution I'm planning lots of fun times where I can bust all of my fun stuff out. The rest is on hold until the glorious summer :).

I bought the heart print dress from my Chelsea Girl post, it looks so nice with my overworn navy jacket and blue velvet platforms I got a couple of months back (two sizes too small but I loved them so much I made them fit).

Excuse my manky bobbly tights (and poor indoor photography).

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