Saturday, 15 January 2011


Classic Rock is a blinder this month. Phil Lynott, Keef and Metallica all on the cover, gold. 

So the new Thin Lizzy tour that was announced last year has come around although only two of them are classic band members. I was a bit tempted to go a London show when I saw how awesome the setlist is but for me no Lynott, no Lizzy - not that I was even around when he was alive! But I can't imagine it being as great without his unique sound. James Hetfield was heavily influenced by him ya know, listen to the 'have mercy mercyyy' line in Angel of Death, so funny.

 I bet it's a great show though. Dad was chatting the other day about hanging out with the band back in the day (which I'm sure I've previously mentioned), Phil Lynott gave them all spliffs and he got a drumstick. Which is apparently still in the loft somewhere, I think I should go on a hunt...

Speaking of Thin Lizzy... WANT WANT -

Fringed Thin Lizzy cut off tee - Tee and Cake £22

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Charly said...

I think you should definately go hunting in the attic! Love the top too, my dad has a tonne of old band t-shirts I really need to dig through,