Wednesday, 19 January 2011

Boot lust

Surprisingly I've been a bit quiet on the boot front since December and Christmas took away all my money. I am completely broke and haven't even been shopping this month, but I'm undulging in some virtual boot therapy and making a pay day wish list...

(top to bottom: River Island x 2, Topshop, Vivienne Westwood and Melissa, Ebay x 2)

I'm on the hunt for a red boot at the moment so the Ebay boots are a given if the bidding doesn't get much higher. Otherwise the gold VW mini wellies are high on my list (practical and quirky!) and also the cream River Island boots. *scuttles off to check bank balance... sob sob*

1 comment:

The black Voguette said...

you´ve got that 70´s style. so cool, really.

and you listen to really good music