Sunday, 9 January 2011

right across the board...

I need to return an unwanted Christmas gift from Tatty Devine (not one of my own, one I gave to someone else!) and thought I may as well treat myself and make it an exchange. For those of you who haven't heard of Tatty Devine, they make really awesome lazer cut jewellery. I did work experience there a few years back and they were also a lovely bunch of people.

Anyway, I had a browse of the site and came across a new edition of their volume button brooch.....

.... that goes up to eleven!
Now as an uber Spinal Tap fan this is obviously the one for me, so an exchange it is. It will go straight on the lapel of my pleather jacket and stay there. How fun!

They have a great sale on at the moment,  check it out here. Some of the stuff I bought for presents is now on half price sale, damn!

If my check-shirt-loving boyfriend wore brooches I would buy him this -


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