Sunday, 23 January 2011

put your gold boots on

Sunday night - hoping the coming week will be another good one, I had been so worried about the dull-ness of the New Year that I'm hoping to hold on to the good times (please stay away winter blues!). Had a photoshoot on Monday that finished a little early so I had a drink with an old friend in Parsons Green. They've just moved there, lucky bugger. I love that area so I'm glad that work takes me there every so often, really nice pubs and I always enjoy the walk through the park in the morning.

Went to a great little bar called Glo Glo's on Thursday night after work, they have amazing cocktails and a menu of Tokyo street food. I spent the night on the Applegrass cocktail, which was delicious. I wasn't brave enough to try the many cocktails made with egg whites...

Also had leaving drinks for a friend of mine who was my manager at my previous job, she's been thinking of moving into something new for a while so I'm really happy for her.

I always look forward to seeing what Nicky will be wearing when I see her, she has the greatest, quirky style. She made the fan she has in her hair and she had a huge fur coat that she got from her Grandma's wardrobe. 

Cracked out the gold boot beauties for the occasion, they hurt like all hell but I love them so damnit I'll wear them anyway!

On another note, I've been getting back into Pearl Jam again lately, Alive has been on a bit of a loop on my Ipod this week. Despite what the song's about I find it so uplifting, I find it quite hard not to sing loudly to it and throw my arms in the air when I'm walking home, haha loser. Had a great Alive sing-a-long moment at Download last year with Froucy when it came on in the 'after hours' tent, good times. 


frou said...

hahaha I have these boots too, at £7 it would be rude not to! x

Elle said...

Haha, great minds! £7?? Mine were 10, rubbish! X

nolly said...

i love this song! i have the cd