Saturday, 15 January 2011

127 Hours

I had a pretty great week this week, well I judge it as a pretty great week because I felt great at the end of it which marks a change!

One of the highlights so far is seeing 127 hours, the new Danny Boyle film about Aron Ralston, on Thursday night. Obviously you go in there knowing how the story ends but it really was, in my opinion, a fantastic film. And the 'arm' scene wasn't as bad as I thought it would be but (I won't give anything away) the screeching guitar sound was the most perfect sound effect I've ever heard in a movie, watch it and you will know what I mean!

What really made the film for me was the ending and the epic Sigur Ros song used for the rescue scene. It's not often I watch the end of a film with a massive smile on my face. It was so motivating and uplifting, just goes to show what a great piece of music can do. Been thinking about it ever since!

Ohh, and James Franco.... schwinggg!

Festival - Sigur Ros (7.30 minutes in... wow)

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