Tuesday, 4 January 2011

Ladies of the Canyon

I have seen this literally everywhere on the internet but I'm going to chime in too. Ohhhh my goodness the latest Topshop Snake Valley is a dream, it makes me think of Joni and Stevie and Stillwater (Lucy - if you read this, I still can't say that without thinking of the the bottle at Download), I fucking love it. And the imagery is great. Although it does mean that half of the female population will be channeling Penny Lane this summer. I'm looking forward to stocking up on some gems to last me years, rather than a season.

Below are some of my favourite bits from the collection so far - but they haven't even brought out the big guns yet, I have to have those blue kick flares and oversized Lennon specs...

[Topshop and carolinesmode.com]

On another note, I spotted these beauties in the sale at Irregular Choice on a Christmas Eve trip to Carnaby Street. Now, I don't have a spare £70 to spend on summer shoes but my summer won't be complete without them, that's my excuse anyway. The orange velvet lining is the cherry on the cake for me, reminds me of a guitar case. Saving starts now.


Charly said...

I think wearing them with tights until its warmer would defo justify buying these now :) and loving everything else in the snake valley collection, gives me hope for hotter weather coming sooon. Posting an outfit with the fringed leggings tommorow if you want to check them out!



frou said...

bird, 'still water' made me lol! And gaahhh I likes that snake print shirt!

"Your aura is purple" x