Sunday, 1 May 2011


Once again I am championing good old M&S, which I think is a pretty untapped resource due to its association with grannies etc. But I found my perfect summer wedge there last week, because they were pretty expensive I went away and thought about it and returned today to make a purchase! Mum got a pair in blue too, she said they remind her of a couple of pairs she had back in the 70s. They are also the most comfortable platform wedges ever which to me justified the price (they were £49) as well as the fact they will go with everything. I still can't decided if they border on granny territory but what the hell, I'm very pleased with them.

I really shouldn't be looking at any more shoes but I think I might have to make just one more purchase now I've seen these on the River Island website....

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Anonymous said...

cute shoes!!
i love your blog and liked you on facebook!!