Saturday, 14 May 2011

Alice Cooper in some-form-of-D event

So i've had another one of those weeks that has left me so run down I've developed my usual bunged up chesty cough disease, fabulouss.

On Wednesday night I was lucky enough to go to the Jagermeister Ice Cold event at Battersea Power Station for a 'world first' 4D rock concert featuring the one and only Alice Cooper (who as you'll know is a favourite of mine and Froucy's). It was meant to be an amazing new technology show where the pre-filmed concert would be projected in 4D so that it looked as though the band (which was the original surviving '72 line-up) were actually playing.

I have to say once the gig started I was confused by the whole concept - it appeared to me more like a 2D/sometimes 3D slightly blurry cinema viewing. But it was meant to be a hologram so I guess it was more holographic that 3/4D. But anyway - aside from the concept confusion it was one the most random and ridiculously fun nights I've had in a long time and even though the set was just seven songs long they played our favourites.

My usually very reserved boyfriend got ridiculously drunk (free bar ALL NIGHT!) and started dancing with me in the middle of the room which was a novel surprise and we all drank and got merry. We also met a very Scottish Alice Cooper fanatic who was wearing the same gold sequin trousers that Alice had on during the gig. When I asked him if he somehow knew what Alice was going to be wearing I got a very serious (and very Scottish!) "Thereee's not a lort aboot Alice I dorn't knorr!" LEGEND.

Oh and I feathered Stu. He doesn't look amused but he really actually loves it....

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