Saturday, 30 April 2011

A very British affair

As the whole world probably knows the British Royal wedding took place yesterday - and we all got a day off work woo woo (well not everybody, but all of my friends and I did!)! I was very suprised over my softening to the whole thing. My family are generally not interested in the Royal family and to be honest most of the time I don't get the major fascination over them. Yes they do bring a lot of money into the economy etc but I don't like the pedestal they are all placed on, they're not more important than everyone else just because they were born into a particular family.

But anyway - despite the fact I was pretty bored of all the wedding hype when the engagement was announced I found myself incredibly excited to watch it this week. And I even found myself tearing up a bit when she started walking down the isle - what on earth happened to me?! Even my pretty anti-royalist sister was endeared by the whole thing, texting me throughout. It was a really lovely wedding!

Of course the dress was the main reason I was so excited and I thought it was absolutely perfect, so elegant and classic (and very Grace Kelly of course). I guess something more elaborate might have been expected from Sarah Burton but it was perfect. I also loved the reception dress, a lot of people hated the mohair cardigan but I lurved it.

And Pippa Middleton - WOW, hats off to Kate for letting her wear that amazing dress. I think I would have made her wear a paper bag....

My friends and I used the day off as an excuse to drink lots of Veuve Clicquot and Pimms, eat ridiculous amounts of cheese, cake and scones and relax in the garden. It was a really great day. Of course talk turned to my friend's wedding in July, so so excited. Although it was funny to see my friend Hannah's reaction when I told her if I have a wedding I'll have an outdoor boho reception with fish & chips, curry and Thai vans instead of a sit down meal. One was not amused!

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