Monday, 30 May 2011

Fear the Reaper

I literally did nothing this bank holiday weekend - and it was pure bliss! I am always so busy and trying to cram too much into my week and spare time so my weekends don't often feel like rest, so I made sure I was a complete bum this weekend - lying in bed all morning watching films, eating lots of treats and putting my feet up.

One thing I did get round to doing though was finishing watching series one of Sons of Anarchy. My boyfriend bought the DVD for me for Christmas. We'd never heard of it but as I have a big thing for bikers and leather I assume he guessed it would be right up my street. I watched a couple of the episodes but until now hadn't been able to sit down and really get into it and I've just watched the finale episode - and wish I had season two ready to put into my DVD player NOW!

I did wonder after the first episode how good it would be and if I'd get stuck in to it, but as I watched the episodes pretty much back to back over the weekend I was completely drawn in. It's pretty brutal at times, it's about a biker gang in the fictional town of 'Charming' in California and they pretty much have more power than the police. Lots of gun dealing, drugs, murders and fights. And they all wear wicked leather gilets with the SOA motif on the back - which they also have tattooed over their backs.

I won't talk about anything that happens because there are some real shockers, one in particular that left me open mouthed and going 'NOOOOO' at the TV. I recommend! Must get series 2 asap....

There's also a 3rd series coming out in October and a fourth one being made, wahooo! Oh - and I rather like Jackson Teller.... ;-) (who, if you can believe it, is Nathan from the British Queer as Folk - crazy!)

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