Wednesday, 4 May 2011

Jolly olly-day haul

I have been very naughty already this month and spent far too much, but I bought some lovely new bits for my holiday (well with my holiday in mind but I'm sure I'll be wearing them all before then!). Primark is so good this summer, which is good for me because it's so cheap and I buy too much...

Not that anyone is actually interested in what I bought when I went shopping, but here are my faves: just because you might like them and want to get them yourselves!

Little cotton playsuit - I'm loving yellow at the moment (but of course that doesn't mean I'll be venturing down the colour blocking road, Elle hates the colour blocking!)

I blogged this dress a while back here, so glad I found it in the store becaue I LOVE it! And I rarely wear dresses so that's something.

And another one - looks like I'm reintroducing dresses into my wardrobe. This one is a maxi with little straps from H&M. I loved and boyfriend nodded in approval. Sold. 

And without my holiday in mind I bought some new vinyls from The Sound Machine. If you're ever in Reading you must pay a visit, I never leave there without some new vinyl treats. 


frou said...

I love that H&M leopard dress but it looked fucking shit on me, well done! I didn't realise sound machine was still in Reading, where is it now?

Elle said...

Aww no way I bet it didn't! Yeahh Harris Arcade! They had Budgie on loud when I went in, I want to work there :(! xxx

frou said...

It really did, I looked pregnant and it showed off my pudgy toddler arms and fanny armpits a treat! i like it because its the same print as as shirt we used to have in our dressing up box as kids. Whyyyy do i have to go on holiday with youuu :p oh right yeah I know where it is, it used to be in the butts right? and josh middleton worked there I believe. Bit of shinfo for you there. Did you ever go to Rustys on the oxford road?

Stolen Thunder said...

Love your buys!

Great little blog, happy I stumbled across it!

You've just made a very boring lunch break highly enjoyable!

Jen xx

Elle said...

I really can't imagine that, you should have got it! Don't be silly Frou Frou, you'll look delicious on holiday! :). Hehe yeah, that's how Stu met Josh, when he was working there n'awww! Oo no I didn't, tell tell?

Hey Jen, thanks for your lovely comment! Have recently checked out your blog too, really like it! xx

liv said...

Lovvve.. Such great buys.
And I'm so in love with that polka dot red dress!

Liv <3

Anonymous said...

Those dresses are really adorable and so RED.

I really like your blog..follow each other??