Monday, 2 May 2011

We are stardust, we are golden

Just added today! The pheasant feather was given to me by a family friend from their garden, it's so beautiful. 

Peace symbol ankle band and Pheasant feather bag attachment at


augustalolita said...

really love the hippie vibes of these two items!! the anklet is really adorable <3

Chelsealauren said...

oh goodness, i love that feather skull charm! might have to get myself one of those..

coxy said...

the girls of goldsmiths are seriously going crazy over my feathers (yes they're still in haha). they want to get them done for glastonbury, we should arrange an anne summer style party or something haha x

Rich Hippie said...

oooooh i want the peasant baggy thing!!!
this merch is coming along great i shall definatly reserve a post talking about this