Monday, 16 May 2011

Foxy Coxy

Happy Birthday to my partner in guitar-legging crime LUCY COX! 
Check out her rather wicked blog at www.riphertothreads,

At Lucy's birthday drinks on Saturday (ps. check out her RING! And for the record I don't usually wear hats indoors like a poseur - I was ready to leave)


Sabrina T. said...

such a cute photo and nice blog lady!:)like it!!
Would you see and follow mine if u like it??i'd be very happy..i wait u!
kiss from Milan!

Patchwork à Porter

Emma C Wills said...

Love your blog too, deff going to check out your store to. absolutly loving the styling a couple of posts down :) Got yourself a new follower and fan

Pippa said...

Gorgeous image :)
Now checking out her blog!!
I think that hat could have been worn indoors anyway! <3