Monday, 2 May 2011

Can't beat the basics

A while back I blogged about my obsession with Bobbi Brown make up. Unfortunately, I gave my foundation away last week. It might be unrelated, but recently I've had a very unsual break-out of pimples and bad dry skin. I definitely don't drink enough water and I never get enough sleep (to the point I started bumping into things when I was walking around last week), but this has always been the case. The only new thing was the Bobbi Brown skin foundation and I did start to notice how shiny my skin looked after I put it on.

So, sadly I gave the rest of it to someone else. I'm even going off the bronzer too which now seems too strong and patchy. All that aside though, I really love Bobbi Brown blushers and the Beach perfume, I'll just steer clear of the skin products because they're obviously not for me. What a shame! I've started using a Revlon foundation instead and my skin is slowly getting better but I can't wait to get a bit of a natural tan so I can just wear a tinted moisturiser.

Anyway - the problem I still had to tackle was the on and off dry skin and flaky pacthes on my face. At the time I bought the Bobbi Brown make up I also blogged about the Nick Lowe skin products I bought, including a moisturiser. It was good, but it didn't make a really noticable difference to my skin. So having ditched the Bobbi Brown this week, I went out to buy a new moisturiser to try and clear up my skin and decided against looking at the nicer brands and bought some good old E45. I bought the moisturising body lotion and the classic thicker cream in a tube for my face.

I've only used them for a day or so but I already feel like it's the best product I've used for my skin. The body lotion absorbs really well into your skin but doesn't feel heavy or sticky and the same goes for the cream I used on my face. It also makes a great make up base. It doesn't have fancy packaging, just the classic medical looking logo and together they only cost me about a fiver. Just goes to show - sometimes the basics really are the best.

I hope I'm not having trouble with them three weeks down the line but even after a day or so I have real confidence in it!

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