Monday, 4 April 2011

It's in the bag

Summer is just around the corner - and that means my summer holiday is too!! So excited to get away for some sun and fun. I haven't started my holiday shopping yet but that will commence this weekend with a bit blow out.

When summer is around the corner, that also means that my birthday is too. This year I have asked for a record player, but I also feel like a decent bag would be a good idea. I don't buy a lot of bags, well not expensive quality ones anyway and I would never spend money on expensive designer bags anyway (unle I got a mega mega mega discount!) but I do like a classic design. And I tell you what - I love a Marks and Spencer bag! And they have so many different types that I have my eye on at the moment, with my holiday in mind. Here are the ones on my lust list at the moment:

The top two are my favourites for the beach, and at £40 for the pair I think I can justify this purchase. 

And the one on the birthday wish list:

I ooo and ahhh over this bag whenever I go Marks with Mother. It is the perfect, classic chuck-it-all-in bag. I also love how supple the leather is. I would use this forever and it would also be a perfect plane journey bag. It's a little bit Celine, at a fraction of the price (although it is £99 so not something I could justfiy buying on my own - or asking for for my birthday!) But perhaps a little bit of birthday help...

Ohh, and on another note - remember me saying how indecisive I am? After a gazillion blog design changes (I love playing around with things) I am back to my good old original Marianne header. Always the way isn't it!

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