Friday, 22 April 2011

Blow away dandelion

Another beautiful hot and sunny day in the UK. And a bank holiday. It felt like the end of term at work yesterday, I had another photoshoot this week which cut it even shorter, and then we were all treated to vodka cocktails and prosecco yesterday afternoon. Perfect easter treat. 

 After my plans for today fell through I indulged in a spot of retail therapy with mother, and then we went in the garden and mucked around taking photos with dandelions, as you do. 

Casual Fridays, cracked out my flat espadrilles today - comfiest shoes in the world. Below I'm wearing a new Little Wing necklace and, although you can't see it, a wooden skull bag attachment. I haven't done any kind of promotion for the website yet which is bad, I should really get a move on now I have a few days off work. 

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Katie Reed said...

these photos are gorgeous, following now.

Katie x