Monday, 18 April 2011

Little Wing is finally live

Little Wing is finally live! Still a bit 'under construction', I have a lot more planning in the works but hopefully all good things have small beginnings. As you will see, as well as hair extensions there are lots of one off hand made jewellery pieces. 

Some of the plans in the works are for head pieces, bag attachments, canvas bags, much more elaborate jewellery pieces and... bridal! But for now, I hope you like what you see. And the long and thin feather hair extensions that you will have seen everywhere in America are on their way.


Rich Hippie said...

yay its up, gotta go check it out.
I know what you mean about vanessa H, seriouslly its just waaaaay to much effort. I love the one outfit when she was wearing some pretty cool laid back printed flared pants...but yeah most of the festival goers spotted this year seemed so out of place in a way

original seed said...

looking forward to this
hope you win it would love to see how you style it