Sunday, 17 April 2011


As I expected the lovely skirt from Zara that I wanted to wear for my friend's wedding has sold out online and I can't find it in store. But in a twist of good fortune I found my ideal outfit while shopping in H&M of all places yesterday.

My original idea was to wear a shorts suit and go for a 70s look with a floppy hat and platforms. I had found the perfect suit in white, but as I said before - white or ivory territory is a no go. And then this dusty pink number appeared yesterday and there you have it:

It needs a good iron and I still need to get a silk top to go underneath (obviously not wearing the skany vest in this photo!). I'll also get a nicer bag and hat, these are just to get the overall idea. Looking forward to finding some pretty shoes too - that's always fun. 

It's cheap and cheerful at only £33 quid but I'm not the richest girl in the world and it just leaves me more money to accessorise! And thank goodness I will have just got back from a holiday in the sun - those pasty whites would scare away the congregation!


Tonya said...

You are adorable, I really love this outfit!!
Lovely hat too.

frou said...

SO NICE! Reminds me a bit of that classic outfit Mossy wore to Gillespie's wedding:

Elle said...

Aww thank you guys :).

You're right there Lucy - the Gillespie wedding outfit was my outfit inspiration!

Katie Reed said...

this outfit is gorgeous. you look stunning.

Katie x