Monday, 25 April 2011

Here comes the sun

The Easter weekend has been so good, spending quality time with friends and family, dancing the night away, eating chocolate etc etc. Easter Sunday was so nice, I don't see my sister very often and we had a blast mucking around in the garden and rolling down the hill like we used to when we were little. What's my age again?

Froucy and I hit up the Afterdark as usual on Saturday night - the music was not on top form but it was fabulous all the same. We did some Little Wing feathering before hand which I will post seperately!

Love love LOVED Lucy's outfit -

Finally, here's some music for your listening delight. My favourite Afterdark larking around song - and dancing to this live at Download last year was just awesome. You shook me alllllll night longg!


Jessica Shearing said...

Lovely blog! Awesome to find another Rock chick and download fan! I would have been dancing along in the crowd last year too! So amazing! Looking forward to this years!!
Sparksandfireworks.blogspot said...

Cute photos, it looks like a great weekend!

And you're never too old to mess around and play games with your sis ^_^