Tuesday, 22 March 2011

Going to the chapel

One of my best friends is getting hitched in a few months, she will be the first girl in our group to get married so obvious we're all very excited, especially for a summer wedding. It will be the full schebang - church cermony with a sit down meal and a swing band - oooh boy I am exicted!

So this brings along that ohhh what to wearrr question again. I don't want to leave it until the last minute so I have started to think about buying something soon so I'm extra prepared (I could wear something I already have but I have something particular in mind).

Being a summer wedding, and as I am a gold fanatic, I want to wear gold/champagne or lemon. My first idea was a gorgeous chiffon one shoulder dress with a 70s blazer and clutch - but the outfit I found was all cream/ivory and I'm sure that white territory is a no go for a wedding guest! So that one was out.

So then I decided on a floaty mid-length skirt (with pleats - oh so 'on-trend' but fuck it!) with a strapless bodice and chunky heels and clutch, and I've come up with this -

The skirt is from Zara, I should probably buy it now because now I've made it the foundation of my outfit it will invetiably sell out just to cause me problems! I love this little shell clutch bag from Accessorize, a bit loud but it's so cute! And I will be on the hunt for a pair of gold heels like the ones above. The bodice I have yet to find... girl on a mission.

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