Monday, 12 September 2011

Suit you Sir!

I'm having such a blow out month which is bad because I have so much to be saving for - moving out in the New Year (if all goes to plan!), paying off minor debts and saving for a couple of exciting courses I'm planning to enrol on. But I have picked up some really key bits and pieces including replacing my overworn black and navy blazers with a nice sharp one from Zara. Zara has the best tailoring on the high street, in my opinion, so reasonably priced but really well fitted.

But - if I had the budget I would immediately get my hands on the Elle blazer and trousers from Whistles! Damn I miss my discount :(!

Isn't Polly gorgeous? She was one of my favourite models to work with, really cool looking girl. You could put her in absolutely anything and she would look amazing. Girl could rock a binliner!

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