Monday, 5 September 2011

Pink Cotton

A lot of people I know dislike Fearne Cotton - I can kinda understand why they might but I've always quite liked her (well not personally obviously because I don't know the girl!) I've always liked that she is really into rock and roll but in a genuine way (not in a poser Taylor Momsen way), she's quite boy-ish, she embarassed herself in a normal person way by being starstruck when she met Robert Plant (bitch :P) and I love her style. She seems like one of those girls who would be a fun mate. 

Anyway, there are pictures around today of her new pink hair for her 30th birthday - love it. 

I would love to do this to my hair but I destroyed it so badly through years of bleaching that I will only dye my roots now (it is growing quite long now I'm repairing it) so if I dye it all over again it will probably fall out. Can always don a pink wig when I feel in the mood a la New Years Eve a couple of years ago...

And she's going out with Ronnie Wood's son now?? What a cow :P (and I mean that in a nice way haha)

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Andrea said...

her style is great!