Wednesday, 15 June 2011

Hippy Barthday

It was my birthday last week - although it fell during such a crazy week of my life (yet again - for another post) so I only celebrated for a few hours in the evening but it was really lovely. I was very lucky and got a new camera (my old one died :( ), the Celine-esque leather bag I posted about a while back from M&S (my untapped favourite!) and lots of other lovely goodies - including a book I had asked for about pop culture's addiction to reliving the past, which I think will be really interesting so I'll have to blog about it once I've read it. 

The boyfriend bought me the second series of Sons of Anarchy and I'm SO excited to start watching it but waiting for him to finish the first series - only four more episodes to go! He also got me a Kitson bracelet that I l'd seen and loved and without my knowledge - the Almost Famous extended collectors edition that I hadn't been able to find! I feel sorry for my over-watched normal edition now, cast aside! Boy done good. 

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