Monday, 13 June 2011

The Great British Summer: Download 2011

So this weekend, after a absolutely manic week (save that for another post) Froucy and I headed off to Download Festival. What followed was an absolutely awesome couple of days (the rain was so torrential on Sunday that once we'd done the almost two hour walk to the car and back twice to drop our stuff back (oh how I miss guest camping!) we decided to head home as there weren't any bands we were dying to see on the Sunday). So instead we spent the four hour drive singing at the top of our voices and eating MacDonalds - too much fun.

Highlights of the weekend were definitely reliving our love for The Darkness and Def Leppard - an absolute Glam fest and so much fun singing along with the crowd - out of tune and not quite making the high notes as I have a low man voice. Twisted Sister (Dee Snider is SO terrifying!) and of course Alice Cooper on the Saturday were also amazing. Caught the end of System of a Down after Alice on the Saturday, a nostalgic trip back to the teen years!


The coloured feathers are coming to Little Wing very soon!

Will leave you with a video of The Darkness going on stage that I found on Youtube. I LOVE that they're back together, I enjoyed Hot Leg but didn't quite beat The Darkness. Always loved that they brought good old fashioned fun glam rock back into the music market when it was saturated with manufactured shite. Lucy and I are going to see them at their November tour - spandex and platforms at the ready!


Style of a Fashionista said...

You chicks look like you had an amazing time and how glam do you all look loving the coloured feathers xoxos

frou said...

"or if you're in Ireland, December!" x

Lucia said...

it looks like you have had such an amazing time, really making me look forward to going to hop farm festival now. need to go to download next year! xxx