Monday, 20 June 2011

Going to the chapel and we're gonna get marrrrried!

My lovely friend Sarah's hen night took place on Saturday. I say hen night although it was pretty much a hen all-dayer. The bridesmaids did a fantastic job of arranging a very classy, but crazy-fun day.

First up was a very fancy afternoon tea at the Waldorf Hilton, so we stuffed our faces (politely) with scones and cream, mini cakes and finger sandwiches, all washed down with champagne and our own pot of tea - I don't drink tea so I went for peppermint.

Next up was a cocktail lesson at The Living Room - we made three each, a blackberry and rosemary fizz, a pomegranate/vodka one that I can't remember the name of and a classic mojito - my favourite! Considering the fact we had three each - and the remaining examples that the barman made - we were suitable drunk already. Then we drank lots of wine, ate loads of food and listened to a guy playing great music on the piano and singing.

All rounded off by dancing our socks off and lounging on lovely velvet beds in the underground jazz bar at Cafe de Paris! Perfect. The wedding is in a month - getting a bit nervous because I'm doing the reading! So honoured to be asked :).

The bride to be :)

Nice face Elle! And yes, I decided to dress like a lute player for the day. I was going to team it with my velvet and gold Blackadder looking jacket but thought that would probably be going a bit far...

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