Monday, 7 March 2011

Movie muse: Rock Star

Rock Star is one of my biggest guilty pleasures and favourite films. I've watched it so many times it's a little embarassing...
 It has got to be Jennifer Aniston's best role for fashion - she looks amazing. Probably very mis-cast for the movie, she does in some way look a little out of place. But I think the fact that she didn't have the big permed, 80s hair metal look like everyone else was a bit part of her character in the film. The whole film is full of some great 80s groupie fashion, my favourite being Emily's glitter eyes and fishnet dress look in the club scene. 

The soundtrack is also brilliant, loads of Def Leppard, Bon Jovi, Rainbow, ACDC etc. 'Rock Rock Till You Drop' was the soundtrack to my summer holiday in Zante a few years ago, takes me back to lying in the sun on the beach. Def Leppard are playing Download this year, I can't wait. Even though they're one of those bands I love but only know a handful of songs of, the ones you know are tooo good. Even the mega cheesy ones, 'When Love and Hate Collide' takes me back to feeling lovesick in college, haha! Looking forward to another festival evening of glitter, leather and dancing fun with Froucy, Motley '10 part II...

Anyway, here's some visual Rock Star enjoyment for you. Long live Rock and Roll <3


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