Monday, 14 March 2011

Hand me down Part II

Another gem from my Granny. I cleared out my wardrobe last week and put everything on to a rail (so much easier to go through now!) and found some things I'd forgotten I had, including this waistcoat that my Mum gave me that was my Granny's when she was young. It's pretty ancient, she said it must be at least 50 - 60 years old. Feel like I probably shouldn't wear it but it's too nice not to be worn! It would have been hand made and it is really thick cord, gives you a proper gentleman's pigeon chest! I wore it with my fail safe jeans and blue blazer with an animal print scarf as a kind of cravat. Boy meets girl meets urchin. 

I also have a brown velvet dress with a gold brocade bust and bow back that was my Granny's too, will post that soon as well. 

On another note, I wore my hair au naturel today, no extensions, as you can tell from my straggly ends! But I can't believe how long it has got! 


Carolina said...

that cord vest is RAD!! ^.^ i'm going to have to hunt 4 one of'em!! good vibes from canada

Tonya said...

Im so glad you commented on my blog so I could find yours..I love it!