Friday, 4 March 2011

If I was a man or batted for the other side I would go for girls like this (obviously I'm neither a man or gay, but I can appreciate a good looking woman!). Something so pretty about a chick in masculine outfits, much sexier than pushed up boobs and slutty outfits any day. Of course it does help if you look like this to start with..

Elin Kling's blog is one of my daily reads, check it out here.


frou said...

but some people don't have natural beauty so they have to push up their boobies. Sign me up for the next series of SMA with comments like that!

Elle said...

It took me ages to work out what SMA was, I kept thinking of baby milk! But you don't wear slutty fake booby outfits and cake yourself in slap and you don't look like a tranny so why would you go on Snog Marry Avoid? And I'm not saying that's a bad thing either, I'm talking about clothes not about beauty, why do people 'have' to push up their boobies to be sexy if you get me? My comments obviously aren't aimed at you, or anyone else either.. sorry if I offended. Read an article about a survey of what clothes men find sexy and not sexy, was interested by the fact their favourite outfit on a woman was actually jeans and a white t shirt (yes I've been reading Glamour this month haha) xx

Charly said...

I totally agree, I actually lovee Elin Kling shes gorgeous! And agree on the simple look I always think girls look better when they're more natural :)


ps sorry to hear about your cat, its silly how much you love your pets but i'd be devastated if anything happened to my cat