Monday, 7 March 2011

Beauty haul

This seems to be turning into a beauty blog at the moment since my quest to get decent skin and natural make up began!

I had my hair done this weekend and went a bit blonder as usual, but I also splashed some (naughty) cash on the Bobbi Brown products I wanted. And I'm really impressed.

 I was initially attracted to BB by the fact that all of the foundations are yellow based. Yellow foundations look best on my skin but I haven't been able to find a good one anywhere else. I bought shade 2.5 Golden Sand in Skin Foundation. It is water based and really light - looks like skin which is exactly what it is meant to do. You can't really tell by the photo but it is really yellow based. I also bought the Golden Light bronzing powder because I didn't want to ruin the quality foundation with a cheap bronzer. Finally I bought the Blonde brow mascara and a liquid concealer from Mac - where I also got a couple of free lessons on brows and concealer colours!

A week ago I also bought a new skin care set from Dr Nick Lowe. It was on offer in Boots for 3 for 2 so I felt like I got a good bargain despite the fact I've never paid this much for skin care before. I have pretty oily skin so I bought the sebum/oil control toner and day cream and also a dark circle corrector for eyes. I have only been using them for a week but I already think I'm seeing results. 

So I have had some serious buyers remorse this weekend because I never spend a lot of money on make up and before now I didn't do anything with my skin. But I have spent ages today putting loads of things on eBay to try and make some of the money back and also to clear out my wardrobe which is getting so full it is ridiculous. I literally have nowhere to keep everything. So there are a lot of old Primark things on there from my poor old uni days but there are also some nicer bits and pieces, so go bid if you fancy - My eBay. Ps - please ignore the princess name, I set this account up years ago where, as the youngest sibling, I had the nickname Princess Elle...

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